The Immortals of MELUHA

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  1. Apart from the concept, everything else is crap. According to me, the book became a best seller only because of marketing!!!
    After listening to lot of praises for this book, I started reading with lot of expectation. But after a few pages, I was completely let down. There was nothing in the book till the end!! Its not the end, you need to read another book (go through another torture) to know what exactly is happening!!
    The description is crap!! Especially the war. Amish has described the war in the crappiest way possible!!! The description of how the people would be at that time, the way they live, everything is crap!! He himself lacks the imagination. What can a reader imagine while reading it!
    While writing a story which has taken place in a completely different time, the author should explain about the people of that time. He has to create the scene for the reader. Here Amish has done nothing like that! His descriptions are vague. You just cannot imagine the place the way he is described!!
    If you don’t like all descriptions, and just like the story, then you might like the book. Many of my friends are not at all bothered about the description. They just told, those things are boring!! So if you are that kind of person, then you might like this book.

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