From Strangers to Lovers: Ananya Shares her Proposal Story

couple in love

Ananya says, “They say, when you truly wish for something, the universe will conspire to get you at it. Now that I am writing this, standing in life as his beloved girlfriend, I cannot but accept what this little Secret book says.”

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C for Commitment – Stepping Across the First Line of Control

on bended knee

As I contemplate on relationships, I come to visualize three critical ‘lines of control’, at different stages in an affair. Eventually, most lasting relationships step across each one of these at some point. And the fact is, once the lines of control are crossed, the chemistry between the couple changes its shape which is inevitably, irreversible.…

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Taking a Love Ride

“This is an imaginary post written for Cupid Games 2015 activity at Indi Happy Hours in association with Close Up.” Photo Courtesy: I’ve been a member of a popular Bullet Club in the city since six months now. I was only an amateur bike rider until I joined the club. Especially, being a woman…

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