(Grand)Parents: Shoulders to fall back for Parents and Children

indian grandparents

Grandparenting! I can write a whole series on grandparenting, because on a day-to-day basis, I interact with more grandparents than parents, because it’s mostly the grandparents who bring the children to the play area. Grandparents are an integral part in our Indian family system. They are the bridge connecting children to traditions and family roots. To…

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Humour: Seeing Humour in Children – where it belongs to!

Laughing baby

Babies giggle as we throw them in the air, they laugh as we tickle them and they find our silly faces and sounds very very funny! As I wonder how little children relate and respond to these triggers with humour and amusement, it makes me assume perhaps it is to them that humour belongs, for it is so spontaneous to them. When we reach parenthood and begin to interact with the funny sides of children, we will have to fine tune a balance between not being so rigid about children’s humour and not giving away the originality of our emotions. 

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The Art of Emphasizing Art to Children

artistic development in children

Children like to test what happens when they try to dab paint on the paper, on the wall, floor, books and their own bodies; they like to fill paint boxes with water; they like to colour the doll’s hair, the car wheels and the bedspreads; they like to scribble wherever possible, walls being their favourite; and they like to make colourful footprints and fingerprints anywhere and everywhere. What matters to children is the freedom to explore and experience the medium of art!

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“Amma, Can A Boy Marry A Boy?” asked My Little Boy

child with teddy bear

When I say a ‘No’ to my boy’s question, I would only be passing on this ‘error’ in our designs to another generation – the error of prejudice on anything that is not ‘mine’ – thought, belief, custom, value or emotion.

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Understanding Parenting…..

The more our four-year-old boy is learning to express his emotions and thoughts, the more I can relate it all to either the father’s or mine. One day, when I heard him shout for something silly, it pricked me, for I saw me in him. It was a reminder that I need to slow down, get to the ground and supervise my temper. The more I see him mirror one or both of us, the more I understand parenting. That parenting isn’t just the interaction between the parents and the children; but beyond, on a deeper note, parenting is the integration of the family as a whole. 

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Is it necessary to understand Parenting?

parenting written on a classroom board

I often ask to myself, if parents can be perfect beings at all times? Doesn’t being mindful of all that we speak and do in front of the kids, restrict us from our spontaneous flow of life? And most importantly, if it is really necessary to understand, contemplate, dissect, dig, and study parenting in order to follow on some parenting rules in our everyday lives?

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Taking Children to the Mountains

Mountains scare me! Be it driving through the curved paths or climbing through the woods, I always hold my breathe until the ordeal is over. As a child, once our family had been to a trip to Mysore. As we started climbing the ghat roads, I remember praying to God at every hair-pin bend, to…

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Why are dads always secondary?

As a dad, if you’ve ever felt secondary to your wife in parenting or even jealous of her prestigious status and felt like banging your head to know the why, the what and the how of this unfair superiority , here are a few inputs from my brain. This is only a compilation from my observation of parents around. There might be much more that men lack as fathers or, on the brighter side, I could be wrong in one or more of my points. However, before you read on, do remember that you are too one among those humans who glorify your mothers a little more than your fathers.

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When my little boy shall become a man, I wish him to…….

During those days when my son was still an infant, I perceived him as the personification of all the goodness in the world. Why, that’s in fact every parent would feel toward their little ones! However, as I keep growing in parenting, I certainly understand that several influences along his path shall shape him to a man of a unique set of attitudes, values and opinions, as how everyone of us have indeed grew up to, today. While a few of his influences could be in my hands, most others I might not be even aware of. It’s a difficult truth to be accepted but that’s an integral wisdom we must gain during the course of parenting. Yet, if there should be a few need-to-imbibe values I wish for him, especially for the kind of world he will be facing in the coming years, here they are!

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The Power of Constructive Parenting (Part I)

I don’t know if it might look trivial to some. But having closely watched a child grow, I’ve developed a sense of admiration to the little creative surprises that he gives me. I had no idea what story he would come up with the characters. And it was a surprise to watch him bring alive his own swimming fantasy in the characters too, many of whom he made to swim in the river adjacent to the castle 😆 For a two-year old, this little act is also a magical story, isn’t it?

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