Mother and daughters

R for Reminiscence – Motherhood without diapers, washing machine and videos? Amma, Your Highness! #AtoZChallenge

All through my days when I was living with my parents, I didn’t realize what it is like to be a parent. After marriage, I slowly started looking back how boring and sometimes exhausting it would have been for my mom to have looked after home continuously for years. This looking-back doubled after I had my own children. When my son refuses to eat something I had prepared with lot of love, care and the anticipation that he is going to finish the bowl, I get reminded of how much I must have troubled my mom being a poor eater. When I get worried when the thermometer reading crosses 100 on my son, I recall of those days when my mom used to sit beside me trying to make me sleep during the unwell days. When I run at the last minute to pack my pre-schooler’s snacks box, I feel amazed thinking about the years’ of lunch box packing that my mom did for the family.


Happy Memories with Mom!

Should all mommy memories be sentimental, nostalgic, emotional and tear-flooding? Especially with a mom like our’s who has even brought comedy into a funeral ceremony, one can imagine the number of Laugh-out-Loud and Roll-on-the-Floor-Laughing moments we’ve had. I am sure I am going to laugh insanely as I recollect and write my happy memories with her here. Come, join the fun!

Indeed, these Plaques Speak….

As a child, I wondered why my school gave away award plaques as prizes all the time. These plaques simply  go to a show rack and are forgotten forever. I thought it could have been interesting had it been a game or a puzzle book instead. Today, as I was clearing my old stuff off…

Beauty: Evolving and Revolving!

‘Nandhini, if you wouldn’t take it personal, I have to make this comment about people of Tamilnadu’. ‘Yes?’ ‘Man, what’s beautiful to those oldies out there?’ ‘???’ ‘The old people admire and appreciate the beauty of some girls. Well, you know how those beauties were! Of dark complexion, some were really pitch-black! Old-fashioned dressing….oiled and…

Work Hard, Play Harder!

Sounds an inspiring title, isn’t? That’s what I thought too when I read the ITPL-Sports meet banner the first time. Hush……..yes, yes the title isn’t my creativity! For those of you who are not aware of – ITPL (International Tech Park Limited, Bangalore) is a Tech park embracing 200+ companies with 24k people working all…

My deja vu Moments – Captured and Painted!

Everytime while I hold my paint brush, there’s a voice in me that whispers “Before you die, make everything to be captured on the canvas – What you see, what you hear, what  you smell, taste, feel, think – just everything!” Though a fanciful conception, there were actually many moments in my life that have been manifested on my canvases, at least those…