The Zest of Childhood: Let’s keep it alive in our Children!

happy children

Embrace their childhood, for they are going to be children for only a handful of years. But for all the years they are going to be adults, it is this handful of childhood years that shall make the foundation – keep their childhood alive today and they will know how to keep their adultselves alive tomorrow. 

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The Things that really matter to Children #AtoZChallenge2019

atoz challenge 2019 theme reveal

This April, I am going to blog about a collection of 26 things that really matter to young children (0-7 years). Some of it might matter to your children as well while some might only to my children. But at the end of all, I hope we, as parents, understand the things that really matter to children – your children, my children and all the children in the world! At the end of it, I hope we take added interest in their stories behind their scribblings. I hope we understand their eagerness to get wet in the mud. I hope we’ll redefine the things we value in their learning!

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Motherhood: Where God meets Man

My toddler was sound asleep on my shoulders as the train was pacing fast. A young mister of 6 years, sitting across to my seat was giving keen entertainment with his brilliancy, to a few of us. I was quietly observing his moves, his choices of words, his thoughtfulness and kept admiring all those cute pranks…

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Donate a Toy at Toybank – Small Deed Great Need # 11

Read Small Deed Great Need # 10 One of the favourite television advertisements in the recent days was Johnson & Johnson‘s ‘share the language of love’. It was an effort organized in the month of May 2012 to collect used toys from common people at informed stores on informed dates. The collected toys were then…

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