Jujubee, a Play for Children, by Adisakti Theatre Arts

I have never witnessed a live performance with this full of life before. The performance was a mix of story-telling, masks and puppet shows, dance performances with live background music throughout the play. The energy and enthusiasm of the artists were remarkable. There was never a time during the show when they paused or took a break. It was all flowing through them – that’s what I felt.

Finding Dory with #ColgateMagicalStories

When I asked Vihaan what story he can think of with these sea animals, without a thought he replied, “Finding Dory.” Well, that’s the recent movie we’d watched and with full of sea characters in the movie, he could at once relate it to these characters. I had cut them and gave it to him without prompting with any of my ideas. The video you see below is an unedited version of a story he had come up with. It is incoherent, well to us, but he was creating a story to himself. I can tell him 100’s of stories but one little story, though incoherent and without meaning from him at this age seemed certainly precious.

Mia & Grandpa go for a Boat Ride: Children’s Story (Ages 4 – 12)

Mia and Grandpa set out for a boat ride. Mia learns how a life jacket can keep their ride safe. Mia also learns how a lighthouse helps sailors in navigation. On their way back, however, the light from the lighthouse goes off and they are caught in darkness. Mia then remembers the story of North Star, Mommy had told her last week. Thus, guided by the North Star, Mia and Grandpa reach home safely.

Exercises included: Enjoy doing a small experiment to understand how a life jacket works, a visual test to understand why life jackets come in bright colours like orange and a DIY Lighthouse.

The Power of Constructive Parenting (Part II)

Those of you who have watched the Colgate TVCs will be aware of the complimentary toys that came with the Colgate packs last month. The inside of the packs had small figurines of a royal family with a castle. I planned some interesting activities for our Little Vihaan with these toys. First, I made him learn the names of the characters and then, I let him explore them. He came up with three cute stories that amazed me of how a 2 year old brain perceives the world around him. As a parent, I felt it’s my responsibility to guide his little perceptions in the right direction and I did my part to help him bring alive his magical stories, all of which I have captured in this video below.