Super6 Program Mentors 6 Girl Students from Economically Backward Families Every Year #WATWB

Dr. Chandrashekaran and his team mentoring the girl students of the Super6 program.

In the Super6 Program, 6 girl students (from economically weaker backgrounds), studying in the 6th grade are selected every year to be mentored until the time they grow up to find a job. What touched me about the Super6 program is that it’s about being actively involved in educating a girl child, which requires enormous dedication.

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What is #MeToo to a Working-Class Woman?


What is #MeToo to a working-class woman? ‘Madhumita lost her mother at the age of ten. She was then under the care of her paternal aunt who considered her nothing more than an irksome burden. Madhumita’s father was a happy man who would drink to his liver’s content and lived somewhere where no one could…

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All is Well where the Well is Well!

quotes on water

Imagine one day water from the shower stops when you are covered in soap midway in your bath. Imagine one day when you open the tap and hear the sound of air instead of the sight of flowing water. Imagine one day you will have to pay an exuberant cost to drink a glass of…

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50 Damn Traditions which ruined Indian Womanhood

Damn Indian traditions

India – A land of rich cultural heritage and traditions! During my young growing-up days, this statement brought a wave of pride in me. That little girl was told to respect traditions; that little girl was taught to practice what people of several generations did and that little girl was made to believe that the traditions…

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Is the City of Delhi a sign of Better India?

delhi roads

We, as Indians have so much to complain, crib and whine about the Indian politics, Indian Government, Indian politicians, systems, laws…yes, yes and yes, it is a big list! No matter how big and bold the headlines of a good initiative appear on the newspaper, we can with ease spot a crime, an unfair justice, a city disobedience to make us feel unworthy of living in India. Do you think we can change this perspective of Indians about India? Perhaps, we can, and we must!

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#LetsMakeEarthGreenAgain – Small Deed #12

LetsMakeEarthGreenAgain is a social media campaign about small things we can do in our everyday lives in order to make our Earth green again. People are encouraged to post an activity they are practising which can effect this change.

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Black Money Vs. Hunger

To people who argue that we must tolerate this inconvenience for a few days for a better India, may I please ask if it’s just to ask a little child to tolerate his hunger for a few days? To me, a country’s wellness is not measured by how many black money hoarders are caught red-handed but how many little children have three meals a day. It hurts more to realize that a so-called reformation has made one child hungry than to feel good that it has brought millions of black money notes to light.
There, India fails! Not just the Government, but citizens too!

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Chennaites, mark Sep 4th for #ChennaiGives!

September 5th, 2016 is the International Day of Charity. A day ahead, on the 4th of September, the people of Chennai are coming together to offer whatever they can to the under-privileged. #ChennaiGives

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Help cyclist without arms to buy a cycle

Jagwinder singh cycling

Jagwinder Singh was born without hands. today he is a state champion in cycling. Super Singh dreams to win the Asian Para-Cycling Championship 2017 for which he needs a customized bicycle. In order to help him raise funds, Migme has started a campaign through which its users, as well as the general public, can contribute towards his cycle to help him achieve his dream. Supporters can buy virtual gifts and send them to Super Singh’s profile. The funds accumulated through these gifts will be given to Super Singh so that he can buy his cycle, so please help Super Singh achieve his dreams, and donate today!

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Love Failure? Gay? Abused? Depressed? – Wake Up!

The Story of a Suicide by Sriram Ayer cover image

Of several duties and responsibilities we carry along, let’s pledge to add that of looking around people with open eyes and ears. ‘What’s my problem?’ might seem safe but remember it’s not right. Let’s all, please, Wake Up!

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