life before motherhood

X for (e)X Life – Life before motherhood #AtoZChallenge

I have slept on the sofa with a book on my head and lights turned on till the next morning. There were days when we skipped meals, forgot all about food or simply didn’t care about eating. Once, dinner didn’t strike us until 11 pm. We had to search for late night home delivery food services and finally the pizza boy knocked our door at 12. I wouldn’t proudly justify that I lived my life the way I wanted to. As a matter of fact, I lived without a way to do it then. Life before motherhood didn’t have a structure. It didn’t have a system. It had most of the essential ingredients of life. Yet, it wasn’t right somewhere.

Buy nothing; Get Free, as many as you Wish!

When I look back, the people with whom, I could always be the most of my self, are those little friends who fought with me for toys, as a child. They know not just me; but my family, my weaknesses, my dislikes and everything not-so-beautiful about my other side. And yet, we have remained the best of friends! Such kinds of friendships do travel along our lives, no matter how far we go away from each other, no matter how big a change life seems to throw upon us and no matter how seemingly successful or less successful we become of our lives.