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Happy Heart Celebration Candy + Surprise Toy

Surprise eggs are big-time popular chocolate candies among kids. The miniature toys that come along indeed make fascinating play times for children. Happy Heart Celebration Collection has a triple surprise inside in addition to the candies.


Bhojohori Manna, Kolkatta: Restaurant Review

So the time came when I was visiting Kolkatta for the first time; the time to try some Bengali food. When you are in Kolkatta and ask anyone where to get some authentic Bengali food, you shall hear a reply in unison, like the national anthem, ‘Bhojohori Manna’ for it is ‘the’ best place I’ve read and heard about for Bengali cuisines.

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Why is it important to catch-up on a child’s lost growth?

Most mothers I meet share worry-filled food tales of their children. It isn’t abnormal for a child to be fussy about food. As long as a child’s height, weight and physical and mental activities appear healthy, we as mothers can stay from worrying about such transition phases. However, a decline in his/her growth rate or apparent lack of activity and enthusiasm should be considered as an alarm. It must be remembered that not eating healthy can only be one of the reasons. Other reasons like illness, stress and sleep inadequacies may also affect the growth of a child.

Though a positive hope that the child shall sooner catch-up on his growth may sound enough, it is essential that parents take efforts to bring the child back on a normal growth rate mode, on considering the following reasons.

Buy nothing; Get Free, as many as you Wish!

When I look back, the people with whom, I could always be the most of my self, are those little friends who fought with me for toys, as a child. They know not just me; but my family, my weaknesses, my dislikes and everything not-so-beautiful about my other side. And yet, we have remained the best of friends! Such kinds of friendships do travel along our lives, no matter how far we go away from each other, no matter how big a change life seems to throw upon us and no matter how seemingly successful or less successful we become of our lives.

Eat without Guilt!

Of the few things that I enjoy eating, Moong Dal Laddu is one. In fact, all my childhood Diwalis meant Moong Dal Laddus! I used to wait excitedly for mom to fill the big steel drum with laddus and then the laddu count down would begin only to end a few days before Diwali. And mom wouldn’t mind redoing the drum-filling 😆