Open-air Gym at Bangalore

open air gym

“What a fascinating idea!” was what I thought when for the first time I saw an open-air gym in Bangalore. The fact that it was only two buildings away from my home was even more delightful. However, after almost a year of its construction, I am disappointed now to have seen it deserted all the while.

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DIY Christmas Decor

christmas decors

It’s the season of celebrations again! Simple-to-make paper decors can enliven our living spaces to create that perfect festive mood. Here’s a step-by-step guide to make a pretty, hanging, home decor. It is one of my most-cherished DIY decors I’ve made ever. I adore the 3D effect of it and it’s sure to decorate any place in a beautiful way.

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A thing of love is to cherish forever

cherished blogfest badge

Painting is like writing, to me. The joy is in the process; in the act of bringing the piece into a shape and render a fulfillment to the thought, the idea.

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The Caricature Artists: You can now order your caricature or freestyle drawing online

If you’ve ever wanted to get a caricature or a portrait of yourself or others done, but didn’t know where and how to find an easily accessible place, here I introduce The Caricature Artists, a premier company that offers creative caricatures online.

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My deja vu Moments – Captured and Painted!

Everytime while I hold my paint brush, there’s a voice in me that whispers “Before you die, make everything to be captured on the canvas – What you see, what you hear, what  you smell, taste, feel, think – just everything!” Though a fanciful conception, there were actually many moments in my life that have been manifested on my canvases, at least those…

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What are We Worshipping?

While a slightly undressed female on a magazine front page is viewed disgustingly, what makes those numerous erotic sculptures on the temple walls to be passed-by so casually? If you’ve ever had this question, scroll down to find an answer. Gopuram (tower) of the Chakarapani Temple, Kumbakonam (Tamilnadu) built in the 15th century A.D. by the Nayak kings (Photo…

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