#LetsMakeEarthGreenAgain – Small Deed #12

LetsMakeEarthGreenAgain is a social media campaign about small things we can do in our everyday lives in order to make our Earth green again. People are encouraged to post an activity they are practising which can effect this change.


Black Money Vs. Hunger

To people who argue that we must tolerate this inconvenience for a few days for a better India, may I please ask if it’s just to ask a little child to tolerate his hunger for a few days? To me, a country’s wellness is not measured by how many black money hoarders are caught red-handed but how many little children have three meals a day. It hurts more to realize that a so-called reformation has made one child hungry than to feel good that it has brought millions of black money notes to light.
There, India fails! Not just the Government, but citizens too!

Jagwinder singh cycling

Help cyclist without arms to buy a cycle

Jagwinder Singh was born without hands. today he is a state champion in cycling. Super Singh dreams to win the Asian Para-Cycling Championship 2017 for which he needs a customized bicycle. In order to help him raise funds, Migme has started a campaign through which its users, as well as the general public, can contribute towards his cycle to help him achieve his dream. Supporters can buy virtual gifts and send them to Super Singh’s profile. The funds accumulated through these gifts will be given to Super Singh so that he can buy his cycle, so please help Super Singh achieve his dreams, and donate today!

Kannavu Pattarai by Mathi front cover

Kannavu Pattarai by Mathi (Tamil Short Story Collection on Children’s Psyche)

Children are not deprived of understanding from the angles of parents, teachers and elders. But it’s the role of a friend in all of these relationships that they are deprived of, in reality. Hence, it’s important for all of us to be that ‘friend’ to little children instead of being just a parent or a teacher. Thus said, this book though is about children, is intended for adults to understand the world of children.

After the Floods by The Chennai Bloggers Club

After the Floods by The Chennai Bloggers Club: Book Review

The trials, emotions and triumph of the city of Chennai, stirred by the 2015 floods, have been thoughtfully manifested into an anthology of short stories by The Chennai Bloggers Club (CBC). ‘After the Floods’ is authored by twenty two bloggers of CBC who have earnestly brought out the voice of Chennai in their stories. The impact that the floods had on each of them combined with their individualistic thought process and creativity has stream-lined into twenty one unique fiction.