Why is it important to catch-up on a child's lost growth?

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Most mothers I meet share worry-filled food tales of their children. It isn’t abnormal for a child to be fussy about food. As long as a child’s height, weight and physical and mental activities appear healthy, we as mothers can stay from worrying about such transition phases. However, a decline in his/her growth rate or apparent lack of activity and enthusiasm should be considered as an alarm. It must be remembered that not eating healthy can only be one of the reasons. Other reasons like illness, stress and sleep inadequacies may also affect the growth of a child.

Though a positive hope that the child shall sooner catch-up on his growth may sound enough, it is essential that parents take efforts to bring the child back on a normal growth rate mode, on considering the following reasons.

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eKincare – A Digital Family Health Record & Tracker App: Review

About eKincare eKincare is one of India’s fast growing healthcare technology companies that aims to increase an individual’s life span through technology and analytics. Have you been in a situation where handling your and your loved ones’ health has been cumbersome? Has managing multiple medical reports, scheduling appointments and remembering the follow-ups been tiring? Here…

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Datsun redi-GO: Launching in India on 7th June 2016

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Nissan Motor Corporation has announced the launch of Datsun redi-GO in India on 7th June, 2016. The highlights of Datsun redi-GO are fuel efficiency of 25.17 km/L and a budget price, starting from Rs. 2.5 Lakhs. Quite exciting, isn’t it? And there are other noteworthy features this budget-friendly car comes with.

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Indiainsured – A one-stop place for insurance info

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With the motto of ‘Let’s get India insured’, the Pune-based Indiainsured helps buyers by presenting simplified information about insurance policies across all major insurance plans in India. With the help of Indiainsured, you can understand, put policies side-by-side, understand what you get for the premium you pay, and take a better informed self-decision. And the best part is that one is not expected to give the contact details. Note that Indiainsured is NOT an insurance aggregator! They don’t sell policies or act as brokers. They don’t sell any leads. And they don’t have any tie-ups with any insurance company.

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The Caricature Artists: You can now order your caricature or freestyle drawing online

If you’ve ever wanted to get a caricature or a portrait of yourself or others done, but didn’t know where and how to find an easily accessible place, here I introduce The Caricature Artists, a premier company that offers creative caricatures online.

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Summer Children's Movie Festival on ANDPictures TV Channel from 9th May – 13th May at 12pm

ANDPictures’ summer movie festival, ‘Kiddies Express’, takes audiences on a fun-filled ride with entertaining global successes along with a lot of learning. Starting from Monday, 9th May, it will air daily at 12 noon until Friday, 13th May.

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GAIL-Indian Speedstar rings a wake up call to young Indian Athletes


As a means to uplift and train budding athletes in our country, GAIL (India) Limited has launched the GAIL-Indian Speedstar program to identify, select and nurture the hidden talent in athletes. The targeted age group is 11 – 17 years in 100m, 200m and 800m track events across. Subsequent to the national level selection, the top 9 athletes will be provided with a world class coaching for over a period of 5 years with an ultimate objective of one of these athletes to represent India at the Olympics.

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Kidoonz, a new Shopping place for Kids

To add to the excitement of mommies like me, Kidoonz, a new kids start-up, aims to make ‘cool’ kids product more accessible and affordable.

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Launch of IndiPR, a Content Marketing Platform

IndiPR, launched by Indiblogger, the largest Indian blogging platform, is a system designed to help businesses with their content marketing needs and reward quality publishers with an income.

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Credihealth: A Resourceful Online Platform for Health services

There are times like relocating to a new town or starting a new life in a new city, when, out of the blue, we find ourselves in need of finding a reliable doctor and hospital. Trust me, much of general search in the internet has never been helpful in this case. Most of the general…

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