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Globe Trotters Box – Italy (Kids’ Activity Box): Review

Globe Trotters Box is an activity box for children available in India on a subscription basis. It provides interesting learning activities for children aged 4 to 12 years on the theme, ‘countries of the world’. Each box contains starter materials aimed at learning the geography, art and culture of a specific country. Children make use of the box contents to create, solve or learn through an activity such that while working on the activity they also get to learn facts about the country. Here’s our detailed review of the Globe Trotters Italy Box.

maisto toy tow truck

Maisto Tow Truck (Quarry Monsters) – Unboxing, Demo & Review

The Maisto Builder Zone Quarry Monsters is a series of heavy vehicle toys designed for children of ages 3 and above. Tow truck in this toy series is a miniature version of a real tow truck. It is a 1:18 scaled replica, made of die-cast metal body with plastic features. It has movable parts which makes it a good functional toy for kids.Children can learn to wind a thread around an axle, the usage of hooks and overall towing mechanism. Also this toy inculcates the intention of rescue and survival skills in children.

Our Playdate at Full of Toys, Bangalore

I thank Full of Toys for giving me that clarity of what kind of learning tools a preschooler needs at this stage. Creativity, imagination, pretend play and fun were all that I had concentrated for him all along. This playdate experience has added reasoning ability, quick thinking, problem solving and analytical thinking to it. There’s much I learnt as a parent here.

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My YouTube Channel: Vihaan’s Toys Plays Reviews

My toddler’s (and partly mine) days are active with engaging play times; not just about driving cars on the floor and walls but so much more, adding sufficient room for his creativity and imagination. As parents, most of us do create innovative play ideas for our children. Imagine how helpful it would be if we all can share them with other families who might want to pick up ideas that would fit and interest their children. For once I thought I would share our play times with other parents and kids and that’s how Vihaan’s Toys Plays Reviews, my YouTube channel, got its roots. I hope someday, somewhere, something from our videos might inspire someone’s little ones’ play times. For now, in spite of my average skills in video-making, I am venturing into it, hoping to hone my skills as I make more videos. Here’s a quick list of the kind of content that will be posted on the channel.