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Pages From Serendipity is 7 years old!

When I started this blog, I assumed that I had a strong theme to keep up with though I couldn’t tell for sure what the theme was 😯 And with every post, I found that a clarity on a theme was becoming a fantasy and searching for one was only making me dispirited 🙁

Yes, from spirituality to paranormal to psychology to philosophy to humour to realism to books to parenting, I’ve travelled a few miles with these pages and now I know that it’s actually the uncertainty in a theme which keeps the writing interesting.

And it’s not only the what’s being written that gets a change every time but also the who behind the writings makes a move from one phase to another at the same time. Having said that, the present phase of my life as a mother is slowly turning me to a mommy blogger. I am a kind of a mom who sits down on the floor with her son to play with cars, creating DIY toys and play ideas almost every other day. And that’s where (well, the gut for now says) this blog is gradually heading to.

I am in the process of expanding parenting themes on the blog from general to pretend play ideas, DIY toys, toy reviews and stories for children. Am also trying my hands on vlogging on the same. And the most recent venture is an online store for handcrafted toys – Play & Be Merry. Quite a move, isn’t it?

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Well, coming to the point, Who is Writing?!

Nandhini Chandrasekaran

A once-upon-a-time cancer researcher, now a full-time Mom on a career break. A hobbyist artist interested in oil painting and pencil sketching. A yoga instructor and energy healer. A serious book reviewer at Nandhini’s Book Review Blog. A budding YouTuber at Vihaan’s Toys Plays Reviews. A creator of interactive toys and play activities for kids at Play & Be Merry. 


Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/pagesfromserendipity (Pages from Serendipity)

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/playandbemerry (Play & Be Merry)

Twitter Handle: @Nandhini5 (Nandhini Chandrasekaran)

Instagram: @nandhini.chandrasekaran (Nandhini Chandrasekaran)

Pinterest: @Nandhini5 (Nandhini Chandrasekaran)

YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCBP9T4yjhXSwY5ksmItEdqg (Vihaan’s Toys Plays Reviews)

I am greatly grateful to your time!

Wishing you all a Happy Reading 🙂


46 Replies to “About Me”

  1. Hi, I am Riya. your handwriting is very deceptive and i miss u loads. heheehehe, i lyk the things you do passively and passionately… 😛 i wish to do something similar 🙂 i love reading your blogs… 🙂

    1. Hi Shazia,

      Ha! No, I didn’t read your mind 😆 Probably a part of all writer’s journey – from writer’s block to writer’s knock 🙂

      I really doubt if these changes I am enjoying now could have happened if I hadn’t started this blog, if I hadn’t started writing. While I write, it’s like the mind and the heart have a conversation with one other to come to a mutual agreement which otherwise remains an unsolved conflict.

      Honoured for your time to write here. You have a beautiful pink blog with good varieties. Good wishes!!!

  2. Hi Nandhini,
    Your blog is really wonderful and I am going to be a regular visitor and enjoy your peppy writing.
    All the Best
    Keep Blogging
    And yes, forget about getting into a straitjacket of a writing theme – variety is the spice of life.

    1. Its really encouraging to read a comment from such a wonderful writer.

      //variety is the spice of life//

      Exactly! One of the best things this blog has taught me 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your time and words!

  3. A unique writing style!!Thank you for Scooping out your memories/thoughts/views and serving them to us, topping it with vivid pictures/paintings/emoticons/photos and what not(of course words are nothing but collection of dots which again are carbon atoms in a particular arrangement but your arrangement of them is exactly as you want them to be )As a matter of fact your beautiful expressions of your wonderful thoughts/views are more beautiful than the thoughts/views itself, keep churning out more of them coz of all the wonderful things that I’ve described above and also coz I just love reading it again and again and again………………

  4. Hi Nandu, Today is D day to (I) read your maximum Posts…….What a Writing Nandu? This must be your desirable career….@ what you can do best to you and to others! Wuuhhh I missed (Forgot) all my works to do i just merged into your writing – This what a writer should have!Simply Great.
    Wishing and Dreaming to see your NOVEL soon……All the very best dear.
    some post I cant match it Because not yet come acrossed but It tempted me to have it soon!
    Once again its my pleasure to say Great writing…Beautiful narration….Rhythmic quotes what else to add more?

    1. Thanks Jana. Yes, I do enjoy writing definitely. In gratitude for your hopes on my novel. It might be out one day. When it comes, it will have your name in it for sure. Thanks very much!

    1. Thanks a bunch! It’s much easier to write about varied topics than to sustain a blog with content on one particular thing which you are doing absolutely great at Jaipur through my lens. Loved going through your blog. Thanks for your time here, made my day 😀

      1. Nandini you are quite right. With my blog the topics are varied the only condition is that it should relate to jaipur. Till now I haven’t found any constraints. there’s more to write than what I’m able to
        Thanks for following my blog.

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