‘The Secret Emotions of Fatherhood’ – written by a Mother

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Father and son silhoutte

They always existed. Yet,

their sacrifices were hardly spoken of;

they were least celebrated; and

their emotions were never voiced out.

The Fathers!

Starting from the 1st of June until the 18th of June, I am plunging into a bold attempt in bringing to light, the emotions behind being a father. I say bold because I shall leave behind the superior tag of a ‘mother’ to explore the deepest secrets of fatherhood. I shall put the women in me, the mother in me and the wife in me to a corner and bring to front the father which never existed in me. If you believe that all it takes to put yourself in others’ shoes is being a human, irrespective of the gender, follow this blog for the next eighteen days. It is not an attempt to eulogize fathers as equally superior beings as mothers. It is, in fact, not a comparative study of fathers and mothers. It is rather a dive, exclusively into the emotions of fathers (I mean fathers, not men!). I know fathers hardly rant about their fatherhood. Nevertheless, as a father, if you would like to let me know something, please do. You can look around the blog and find your best way to reach me. I promise to keep your fatherly identity secret unless you are willing to take the stage, at least once, from behind the screens.


11 thoughts on “‘The Secret Emotions of Fatherhood’ – written by a Mother

  1. Wow .. Eagerly waiting to knw about the father from a mother 😉 … I heard once from a reputed writer that a male can written the female point of view.. But its extremely difficult for a female to written from a male point of view… though many female writers broken that i feel still its not much.. so its really a bold attempt.. hope I can follow all 18 days .. all the very best

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