Pretend Play Courier Service – Indoor Play Ideas for Summer

It all started when my four year old kept asking me about the toy van I had ordered for him. “It will take a few days” didn’t make a sense to him.

Why should a small toy take so much time?!

Eventually, after having repeatedly heard when? when? when? I tried my luck to explain to him the process of courier transactions. I started with the assumption that he wouldn’t be interested in the history and geography of the courier service. However, to my surprise, he listened to me with keen interest that at the end of it, he went to the floor to recreate the journey of his new toy through his toys. As always, little brains are brilliant and to live with one is awesomeness!

If you think the pretend play courier game can be fun for your little ones, get to the floor with them, build it all and pretend. That’s the best we can give them now – our time! Our’s was made using wooden blocks and play characters. You can choose how you would like your’s to be. Here’s a quick video of our playtime:

If for some reason you aren’t a video person, here’s are the images of our play:

Is there an interesting indoor playtime you shared with your kids recently? Please tell us about it in the comments below. We’ll try it sometime.


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