Little Steps for Longer Lives

Mom and Son playing elephant ride

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It always gives me a warm feeling when I re-read an old piece of article I’d written a while ago. Marriage, Love & Hearts is one such post I read today which I’d written on the occasion of our wedding anniversary cum World Heart Day, last year. It was a post on tips for a healthy heart, inspired by a health initiative of Saffolalife and Blogadda. I am glad that for the second consecutive year, I am inspired by the Saffolalife – Blogadda duo to add another post on heart-health to my blog.

stressed out new mom

It is believed that a new mom is loaded with a hectic schedule and remains active in the process. However, the reality is not always true. Yes, her days are hectic but it need not necessarily dictate an active lifestyle. Her sleep patterns, eating routine, social life and emotional state may all get altered which can have an unhealthy consequence on her heart and overall health. Well, it did happen to me!

Soon after my son was born, I had gone into a cocoon life of a busy mom, having totally ignored my weight, shape and health. Issues of fat metabolism, digestion and cholesterol had entered my system without a warning along with disproportionate weight gain and the guilt of all of these. It took a couple of years to realize that my health must indeed be a priority to take care of the rest of the family. Especially, in the long run, how happy and healthy I carry my heart shall dictate the environment and health of the entire home and family.

Nevertheless, it didn’t demand much work-outs or efforts to get back to an active lifestyle. I am back to my perfect shape and self now and here are the little things I do to stay active, eat better and be happy.

Warning: These little steps specifically pertain to a new mom and may sound absolutely silly to others 😉

Step out of home: Sounds silly? Believe me, earlier I spent most of my time within the walls. But tell me, how much can one walk or breathe fresh air inside a house. Now, I make a point to step out of the home at least for a while for grocery shopping or taking my son to the play area or to meet neighbours. It is definitely refreshing to meet people, to take a break from home and get in touch with the outside world. Needless to say, it keeps my mind and body active and there’s a profound happiness in sharing and sometimes whining about the mommy life to other mommies.

Eat before Feeding: Feeding or making a toddler eat isn’t an easy game. It’s the most frustrating time of the day for a mom. Waiting up until the time he completes his meal wasn’t doing any good to my diet system. So I take care to feed myself first before I get into the drilling chore of the day. This helps me have food in time before my digestive juices begin their groans, energizes me enough to run around for the next few hours and most of all, holds my patience for the rest of the day. And I realize that eating at the right time is half the secret to good health.

Mom and Son playing elephant ride

Play actively with my Toddler: Except for jumping from the top of the sofa, I venture into all his adventures. I drive his toy cars on the floors and walls. We play ‘catch me’ together. I kick and run behind his football. I practice batting his cricket ball. I run behind the soap bubbles. I take him on elephant rides and piggy back rides. I walk along with him as he bi-cycles. Sometimes I play with him on the See-Saw when no ones’s watching. In brief, I live a toddler life to keep myself happier more than to be active.

Always buy two ice creams: I consider it unfair to let myself watch him have an ice cream while I wait impatiently for him to finish it half way to pass the remains to me. Why not buy another one for me instead?! Yay! We both enjoy our shares together. I believe in ‘Fulfilled cravings gives fulfilling happiness’. I also believe that such small desires well-lived can do more good than bad to our hearts.

Pack two Snacks Boxes: My son’s school allows only healthy snacks like fruits, dry fruits, sprouts and the kinds. I make it a point to cook double of whatever I make for him and have one of the portions after he leaves for school. Unlike the ice cream funda, this isn’t a craving but for a healthy eating for my well-being.

And there are yet more, silly and funny things I practice, out of what motherhood has posed on me, all of which helps me be that lively and happy mom to my son and an active and healthy woman to myself.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

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  1. nandhini, i couldnt resist commenting here..”Fulfilled cravings gives fulfilling happiness” mentioned it on an ice cream case…but i could relate a lot from there

    1. Beginning from a matter of ice cream, perhaps we overlook several such small cravings. May be fulfilling smaller ones like this can add up to our overall contentment. Thanks for dropping by Akhila. Words and Notions is an inspiring blog. Happy blogging!

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