‘After the Floods’ – An Anthology of Short Stories by The Chennai Bloggers Club available online


Update (26th June, 2016)

The book is available online from the publisher’s site, Sixth Sense. It costs Rs. 150.

Update (5th June, 2016)

The much-awaited anthology of short stories by the Chennai Bloggers Club (details below) will be available at the Chennai Book Fair from the 7th – 13th June, 2016.

Please visit stall by Sixth Sense Publications (Nos. 350, 351, 442, 443) to buy your copy.

After the Floods Poster

Poster Courtesy: Crazy Studios


Authored by Members of The Chennai Bloggers Club

Edited by Mahesh Lakshmanan

Book Cover Design by Kishor LN

The trials, emotions and triumph of the city of Chennai, stirred by the 2015 floods, have been thoughtfully manifested into an anthology of short stories by The Chennai Bloggers Club (CBC). This upcoming anthology, ‘After the Floods’ is authored by twenty bloggers of CBC who have earnestly brought out the voice of Chennai in their stories. Written in diverse genres, the anthology is certain to delight readers of various interests. While the book is awaiting its release, next month, I request all of you to watch out for updates about the release or bookmark this page for updates.

Did I miss to mention that I am one among the 20 authors?! Yeah, I feel excited to be a part of this and glad, for this will be my third short story publication.

About the Book

In late November 2015, Chennai was hit by rains of unprecedented proportions. Even before the rain waters could drain away properly, December saw severe rains caused by a cyclone. The streets were flooded and thousands lost their homes and livelihoods. Chennai picked herself up and inspired the world around her.
The Chennai Bloggers Club (CBC) is bringing out this anthology of short stories inspired by the floods. Each story has been penned by a different blogger from CBC. The tales have just one core message – “We shall overcome and stand united as a city that cares for itself.”


Sai Sriram Pavithraa Swaminathan Nandhini Chandrasekaran Meera Shivashankar Dhivya Balaji Kavipriya Moorthy Sowmya S Sundaram Lakshmi Venkatraman Salesh Dipak Fernando Madhvi Kumar Karthik Pasupathy Umasree Raghunath Srilakshmi Indrasenan Asha Sunil Sai Shyam Kishor Lakshminarayanan Clement Williams Sriram Acharya Destination Infinity Gayathri Lakshimarayanan Deepanarayanan & Mahendran Meera Rajagopalan Bragadeesh Prasanna

Book Video Trailer

Video animation by Kishor LN
Video Music by Vignesh Vijayakumar


Snippets from the short stories


1989 by Sai Sriram


After the Rains by Pavithraa Swaminathan


An Untold Legacy by Nandhini Chandrasekaran


 Annihilation by Meera Shivashankar


The Alliance Agreement by Dhivya Balaji


Chennai – 600013 by Kavipriya Moorthy


Safe by Sowmya S Sundaram


Folklore of Furious Floods by Lakshmi Venkatraman


Her by Salesh Dipak Fernando


I Gushed On by Madhvi Kumar


Lucky Who? by Karthik Pasupathy


Paru by Umasree Raghunath


Rains, Dairy Milk Chocolates, and Us by Srilakshmi Indrasenan


Disconnected by Asha Sunil Sai Shyam


The Gangs of Namma Chennai by Kishor Lakshminarayanan


The High Rise by Clement Williams


The Rain Maker by Sriram Acharya


Vannila Cappucino by Destination Infinity


A Short Story by Gayathri Lakshimarayanan


A Short Story by Deepa Narayanan & Mahendran

 About The Chennai Bloggers Club (CBC)

 The Chennai Bloggers Club
What started as a small blogging community of some 15 odd bloggers is now The Chennai Bloggers Club (CBC) with 320+ active bloggers as its members. CBC acts as a blog aggregator that helps bloggers at various levels. Blog Tags, Chain Stories, and Collaborative Blogging are some of the blogger oriented activities that had immense participation from the bloggers in the past. CBC primarily consists of bloggers based out in Chennai. However, some of the bloggers do blog from various parts of the world.
Not restricting with just the social media, the bloggers even meet frequently for photo walks, food walks, etc. Apart from the various events where the bloggers represent CBC, they also have frequent casual meets as CBC is more than just a blogging community: it is one huge family.

Connect with CBC

Website   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram


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