ChuChu TV – A Peppy & Inspiring Musical time for Toddlers!

If you have a toddler at home, I don’t have to explain to you how indispensable YouTube nursery rhymes have become in our lives. For children, watching rhymes is not only fun but is also a stimulus for musical and visual cognition, learning and imagination. For parents, it can mean a little time off from the kids or an interesting bonding activity with kids or an easy way to make them have food or simply a re-learning of the nursery rhymes 🙂 However, it is inevitable that children must be rightly guided about the limitation of time they spend watching videos.

Most often, parents search for a specific rhyme or nursery rhymes, in general, in YouTube. From the list of search results, they play videos in random. It might feel alright in the beginning. However, with time one would want to play videos which are more meaningful and different from the older versions of nursery rhymes, to their children.  If you are looking for something similar, you may want to try ChuChu Tv, a YouTube channel of creative, music-filled, nursery rhymes and songs for preschoolers.

I’ll tell you why!

As a child, I often wondered why the black sheep had to give the third bag of wool to the little boy who lives down the lane. The pictures on the rhymes book would depict a happy boy playing with the black sheep. I assumed that the black sheep gave it away to him because he was his friend. These popular rhymes are just age-old rhymes and they don’t allow little minds to infer logic or a message. Well, that’ s what I had assumed, at least.

Now this is where ChuChu TV makes a difference! Here’s the new version of ‘Baa Baa Black sheep’ by this channel.

Doesn’t it make much sense now why the black sheep gave the third bag of wool to the little boy who lives down the lane?

As a matter of fact, a moral message in the form of a song, precedes the rhyme. It goes like this:

Sharing makes our life happy Baa Baa

The more we share the more we have Baa Baa

Sharing makes our life joyful Baa Baa

Sharing is a way of caring Baa Baa

The rhyme makes children learn the moral values of sharing, caring and helping people who are in need. A two-year old might not relate the fact that sheep can help in offering its wool to knit a sweater which in turn can help the little boy from the cold as he lives on the lane. However, this video has been thoughtfully developed which clearly educates children of the message the rhyme intends to deliver. The images below, taken from the video, are an example of how the developers have gone that extra mile to bring meaning to the rhyme.

Baa Baa Black Sheep

The little boy who lives down the lane

Another rhyme that caught my attention from ChuChu TV is ‘Chubby Cheeks’.

As you would have known, this rhyme describes the features of a little girl and says she is the teacher’s pet. Indirectly, it implies that it is because of the cute facial features and her fair complexion, the girl deserves to be the teacher’s pet. As a parent, I would definitely not want my son to learn such values. I assume no parent would want either.

The traditional rhyme includes these lines:

Rosy lips, Teeth within.

Curly hair, Very fair.

Eyes are blue, Lovely too.

However, ChuChu TV’s new version goes like this, instead:

Smiling lips, Teeth within.

Curly hair, Flows in air.

Eyes are cute, Lovely too.

This is one place where ChuChu TV stands out in its innovation.

From the image below, taken from the original video, you can see that the rhyme describes features of five little girls of both dark and fair complexions and different hair colours. Thus, what reaches children is that beauty and complexion are independent of each other. I would definitely want my son to learn this value. As a matter of fact, all ChuChu TV rhymes portray children of both complexions, dark and fair. It is said that what children see and hear while young makes significant impact in their mind. In order to break the obsession of complexion (which is deeply rooted in India), rhymes like this are what we must choose for our children to watch.

Chubby Cheeks

The rhyme doesn’t end here. It continues in the same rhythm with a moral message. Here are the rest of the verses:

Helping all, Big or small,

Makes you loved, by one and all.

Smiling face, And friendly ways,

Care and share, That’s a lovely pair.

Teacher’s pet, Is that you?

Yes, yes, yes!

Thus, it says along with adorable features, moral values like caring and sharing makes them teacher’s pet.

Apart from innovation and moral values, the animations and music are done well too. Most of the rhymes repeat thrice, each time with different sets of beats and rhythms. The rhymes include wide varieties of musical compositions. Children get to listen to melody, fast-paced scores and other attributes of music.

The next time you open YouTube for your child, remember to check ChuChu TV Kids Songs. A good news for parents is that on request from their one million plus subscribers, the rhymes are now available for download. That means the videos can be carried wherever you go. Great, isn’t it?

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