Can Memories of Past Lives be Real?: A Personal Experience

An earlier post written on past lives in 2013, can be read hereIt describes what triggered my interest in navigating to a life in the past – a powerful dream where I witnessed a different story of me. Intriguing enough, I took a personal interest to explore this new realm of past lives.

Note: You can continue reading this post even if you don’t want to read the earlier post. They are mutually exclusive. 

It has been a few years now since my exploration found an end. To those of you who fantasize navigating to another time of life, here are my realistic views from my experiences. Note that I am definitely not an expert on past lives and do not claim to have explored enough. This is my personal perspective and does not intend to contradict any other opinion.

Hey, that’s my old wooden cupboard. All those petty things I’ve fondly collected during my childhood days – my drawing class paintings, pencil sketches on four-lined papers, that little stamp book, passionately preserved greeting cards, 5-star wrappers………all have been lying in the cupboard, I am not sure for how long; but must be very long. And there I am, squatting on the floor, trying to sort out the newly-found old stuff.

It suddenly became dark. I mean really dark!

It’s a scary night. I am moving fast. My heart must have been pacing double it’s normal. Yes, I am galloping that fast. I am not riding though. I am safe behind somebody. Behind my warrior hero! He is so focused on his horse that time seemed to be null for both of us. My (some) people are chasing and we had to flee our border in another few minutes. It’s too narrow a mud path, but he seems a skilled horse rider. A few minutes went galloping.

Now we are safe. We’ve traveled very far. Everything is calm around now. It’s just the two of us, the horse and the breeze. We haven’t spoken in hours but I know I am safe with him…………

And yet another day, I had another such dream. Perhaps navigated to another life and another me in another story. If you’ve read the earlier post, you would know what I mean.

I didn’t know yet what to infer about such dreams and there was nothing that I could do about it as well, till serendipity played its part!

Dr.Brain Weiss Books

I adored platform book shops in Bangalore those days because they were the only place I could get a book for Rs.50. One day I happened to pick Many Lives Many Masters by Dr.Brain Weiss. Coincidentally, it was on past lives. For your information, Dr. Brain Weiss’ book series are his real-life experiences of taking his patients, back in time, to previous lives as a part of psycho therapy. Following Many Lives Many Masters, I completed reading all the five books of the series.

My curiosity did not end with the books. I browsed for Dr.Weiss kind of people in India. Eventually, I landed at the basic workshop on past life regression by Dr. Newton of Life Research Academy. The workshop included five, guided past life regression sessions and one progression to the future life.

Following the workshop, I completed the basic course on hypnotherapy at the Indian School of Hypnotherapy. And I was also privileged to be a witness of several, live, past life regressions conducted by a well-known therapist to her clients.

That was all, which were a part of my little exploration I did during those two inquisitive years!

That means I did time travel to my past lives through regression and I tried to understand how this therapy works.

Well, you saw your past life. So what now? How can you be sure it’s your past life? First of all, why do you want to get into the past?

Such questions and criticisms doesn’t surprise me; doesn’t annoy me either because I have asked these questions to myself several times before I could hear from others. But, did I find answers to the most stirring questions?


Let’s check.

Are past lives real? Did I really exist before I was born?

Yes, I believe.

Can it be be proved scientifically?

No. I don’t know if anybody can prove with certainty whether we’ve lived before to continue to carry a baggage of karma or not. It may not be a science thing yet. As a matter of fact, science is ever-expanding. Before Newton found the falling apple, gravity wasn’t included in science. Perhaps, all of it in the universe cannot be yet confined into something man-made called science.

Are past life memories that come up in dreams true?

An inner instinct says it is. But again, I am helpless when you demand for a proof though I can list out a few clue to recognize a past life dream.

  • Such memories are dug from a layer of mind that’s deeper than from the ordinary dreams where you forgot to wear your dress or late for exams or have an urgency to pee. I mean, you can feel the depth of such vivid dreams!
  • When the dream begins, you might be doing something related to the past. For instance, in the example of a past life dream I’d written above, I was finding my old collection of childhood things.
  • You might identify yourself as ‘I’ but not necessarily with the name, place and personality of you. In other words, I might not identify myself with the person named Nandhini in the dream.

Past Life Regression

Is past life regression an authentic phenomenon?

There are several controversies regarding past life regression therapy. Some people argue that the scenes visualized by the patient are manipulated by suggestive words by the therapist and not exactly a past life. With my experience, I am equally not sure if what one sees through regression could really be a true memory from the deeper minds. But what it made me to believe is that the story that goes on during regression definitely has a connection and a reason of its own, whether of a past or not. In the sense, I feel it is not important to verify if it is a past life memory or not rather the story by itself speaks some hidden part of what one is. The fears, the longings, the guilt, the forgotten desires, the anger, the love, the pains, the sufferings – all that have buried over the years (may be even from the present life) takes a form of a story board with people, locations, clothes, time that is chosen in an interesting way. I say everything else other than the story is chosen because of two interesting encounters I had of the same past life; I mean the same story but the background, clothes, location were different from one another.

If the visualizations might not be real, then what is it that matters with past life regression?

That I could navigate to some part of my subconsciousness, if not a fantasy travel back in time!

This is exactly what I identified as truly essential. And this is exactly what I would advocate others to do – to get in touch with their subconsciousness patterns. What we perceive ourselves as could be superficial. And what drives us every day, every moment could be, in reality, from somewhere deep within us.

Can we remember the visualizations and stories we see during a regression?

Absolutely yes! Our conscious mind will remain perfectly alert. That’s the difference between the states of sleep and regression. During regression, our bodies go into a deep state of relaxation whereas our minds do not. During sleep, both our bodies and minds get into a relaxed state.

Does regression carry the risk of getting stuck in the past?

Not if done by slow, guided relaxation method. It is safe to experience. I have never followed quick hypnotherapy methods, so cannot comment about it.

Should everybody learn about their past lives?

No. Not unless there is an innate urge to look into the past.


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