A Homework for Parents!

When I watch my toddler boy hit the football like a pro, I feel exhilarated that he can become a great football player in the future.

When I see him racing his toy cars, I am scared about what if he chooses to become a racer; definitely the speed factor makes me feel insecure. 

When he examines my heart beat with his toy stethoscope, I imagine him becoming a doctor and then there arises a worry about the huge amount of money that his study would demand. 


As parents, we wouldn’t realize when exactly we begin to envision our children’s future. Their random little acts often take our minds into deep probing about who they might grow up to. What’s interesting is that while we are busy dreaming their path, children too are perceiving their interests from quite an early age. When I ask my son what he would like do when he grows big, sometimes he would answer that he wants to do mountain-climbing like his dad and sometimes, do cooking like his mom. Though such trivial conversations seem funny, there are times when I am left at the end with anxiety or fear, like my imaginations of my son becoming a racer or a doctor.

This reminds me of the Do Your Homework video on YouTube. The video features an interesting experiment conducted with a group of parents and their children. Parents were provided with painting sheets to express their imagination of what they would like their children to become in the future. Similarly, children were given drawing sheets to draw a picture of what they would want to become in the future. It was surprising to note that children’s aspirations were way different from what their parents had imagined.

Do your Homework

Well, now I am imagining what my son would draw if we participate in this experiment and the surprise he would have in store for us 😆 May be a boy climbing a mountain or a boy cooking Chappati or something totally unexpected! And whatever be it, I know I must be prepared. If being prepared mentally is one thing, being prepared financially is another mandatory to-do thing. Ironically, with lakhs of Rupees expected to be spent at the kindergarten levels, I can’t even guess how much I would require for his education after 16 years from now.

Phew! As parents, we have a lot of homework to do!

Axis Mutual Fund

While browsing in these lines, I stumbled upon Axis Mutual Fund’s #DoYourHomework campaign which includes interesting tools to plan for child’s future. The campaign has been conducted at 17 Crossword Book stores across 7 cities and Kidzania, Mumbai for three weeks. The ‘Take the Test’ tool is an education calculator that can provide us an estimate of the amount of money we would require after several years for kids’ education. It does the calculation based on our inputs of the chosen stream, level of education, country and study age. It is notably helpful in that we get to know how much we must begin to save today for the future. This feature is also available as a mobile app for a handy usage. Apart from the calculator, a few story and colouring books to educate children about various career options available in a fun way, can be downloaded for free.

When one day, my son reveals his passion, I know I can stay calm because I shall get prepared to look forward to the unexpected, starting today. And I am relieved that I am informed of the financial aspect of his ambitions; I shall begin to look into the savings and investment options available. A look into the ‘Taxman’ campaign which created awareness about ELSS (Equity Linked Saving Scheme) with the message to pay less tax and save more, may also be helpful.

When one day, time attacks us with a sudden financial blow carrying our children’s future, we shouldn’t be stranded defenceless. We must be armed with adequate funds to strike back and lift their future high. Let’s do our homework today for brighter tomorrows of our children!

Image Credit: Axis Mutual Fund Do Your Homework Official webpages


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