The Hilarious Impact of FB on my Grandma

“What’s this Facebook?” asked my Grandma one day. “Rekha aunty cribs everyday that her sons are crazy about it.”

So, at last the FB thing fell into her ears, I thought. “It’s for teenage people, grandma,” I played safe.

I know of my friend’s grandpa who constantly meddles with our peppy conversations in FB with his neatly typed, long, boring, philosophical advises. And I felt it was best to keep my grandmom away from it. I remember the days when I taught her the basics of using a computer and internet. It took several days for her to identify where exactly the address bar was located. Once, when I was in the middle of an important lab experiment, she called me to ask how to find Google on the computer 🙄 So now I know how much I need to work hard to introduce Facebook to her.

After a few days, I happened to talk to her about an old neighbour who I had recently discovered in FB. Eventually, a Facebook account was opened for her. For several days, I didn’t accept her friend request 😆 I mostly used her FB account to check how my account information appeared for a non-friend or friend of friends. However, with increasing family members accepting her friend request, I had to do too.

Facebook quotes

Initially she was excited to discover several of her connections and go through their photographs. One early morning, she called me, a little agitated about a cousin who had posted this message on ‘her wall’: ‘Mistakes are a proof that you are trying’. She was hyper angry on him that he was pinpointing some mistake of her’s while she couldn’t identify what it was and she decided that she is going to unfriend him. I had to immediately login to her account to find the mess. Guess what?! She had assumed that every quote, every photo and every silly status that appeared on her wall as a personal message to her. No matter how much I tried to explain her that ‘the wall’ is a common place where she can find posts of all her friends, she was still angry on my cousin. Finally, I kept both our FB accounts opened, side by side, on two laptops to make her understand the wall thing. From the next day, she was in constant praise for my cousin for the thoughtful quotes he kept sharing. Now she assumed that my cousin was the master brain behind the philosophy and designing of the quotes 😦 She began commenting to every posts of his, appreciating his skill and understanding about life. For one another time, I had to explain her that he is simply sharing the quotes, like how we forward emails. Instantly, she posted a comment to him, advising not to waste time on forwards. My cousin had enough of her and unfriended her 😆

Old people using Facebook

The first time she posted a birthday wish on someone’s timeline was like this:

Dear XXX,

Hope this finds you in good health and cheer. Wishing you a happy birthday.

By Your’s Loving,


😆 A perfect example of an encounter of the ‘Letter Writing’ generation with the Facebook generation.

Now, over a year, she says Facebook is boring. “Everybody go to a restaurant in the weekend. Everybody celebrate their kids’ birthdays. Everybody watch movies in a cinema hall. What’s so much about posting all of it in Facebook?! Useless people!”

And this was the latest from her: “It’s been sometime since Lata posted photos. I think she must have become fat.”

Whoa! None could have understood Facebook better!

There’s so much more fun people of the older generation do with social media. However, I am glad that at the age of 75, she is able to use a technology that has never been a part of her generation. I am glad that she is not confined to watching TV and sleeping on the name of relaxation. I am glad that she is able to connect with several of her family and friends, on her own. Above all, I am glad that she could re-connect with a few of her school friends, nearly after 50 years!

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5 thoughts on “The Hilarious Impact of FB on my Grandma

  1. I loved your line about how grandma wishes her friend birthday… I miss letter writing so much. Maybe I would be better off in the 18th century but I wish there was internet then! lol best of both worlds…
    Wonderful post… your writing is addictive.

    Liked by 1 person

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