That Golden Hour of the Day!

I am an addict to early rising and am happy about it. No matter how late I hit bed at night, I am tuned to be awake before 5.30. And there is so much to discover with the morning hours. Let me tell you three known secrets which can bless your days’ beginnings.

Wake early

There’s nothing that can replace the good feeling in waking up early. Especially if you can fight that monster that tricks you back to bed after you’re actually up. Science says that a person’s brain performs the best during the early morning hours. And I say, listen to science 😛 Your lifestyle can give a number of excuses to sleep that extra hour. But for a week, switch your laptop off before dinner and keep your phone away from your hands’ reach to sleep early. Check what difference it makes to the quality of your sleep and how you feel when you are able to wake up earlier then ever before.

Cleanse thoroughly

For a peaceful beginning of the day, the past must leave us with peace. This holds true for all our dimensions – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Let loose of the grudges you might have in your mind and heart. Let go of the little things that might have kept you worried. Just let go of everything you wish would leave you.


And let the dirt and micros leave you too. Begin with a whole mouth cleaning, in addition to brushing your teeth. You might want to try ‘Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush’ which helps clean your mouth 360 degrees including teeth, gums, tongue and cheeks. Indeed #Colgate360GoldMornings!

Feel connected

While we will get busy with the routine after a few hours, remember that the first few hours in the morning is available to contemplate on little philosophies of life. A time we can get connected to our inner selves! Whether you still want to be on the bed, recollecting and analyzing what last night’s dream meant or you would like to sit quietly in meditation or prefer to sit upright to ponder about the happenings of life, utilize the quietness of the mornings to feel connected.

Take a walk, breath the morning air, feel the warmth of the first morning ray, rejoice the colours of the freshly bloomed flowers, read a book, do a prayer, sip a hot coffee – it’s your time of the day! Feel connected!


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