Meet a HP Star Wars Mommy!

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What, a HP Star Wars Mommy!?

Yeah, sometimes Mommy life is Fun!

Everyday, I wake up with a to-do list in my head; this after that, this one after that one! If you are a mother of a troublesome-two, you will know how haywire our brain-to-body connections can get. Ironically, the only source of fun for my die-hard-home-maker self, is also my troublesome-two. Of course, the fun in playing with toys!

Amazingly, we don’t stop with playing but also design and build toys. Yes, one of its kind, home-made toys! Initially when we got enough of driving cars on the floors and walls, we created a toy road set, following which we began constructing more, using simple things available at home. And we keep recreating new plays, every other day. Most often, we get inspired by a character that we follow in Mommy’s laptop. Sometimes, it will be Tayo, the little bus helping the yellow taxi which got stuck in the sand. Sometimes, it will be Roary racing with Maxi, Zizzy and Dragga and sometimes Peppa Pig driving to Potato City. Yes, it’s always around vehicles – cars, buses, trucks and airplanes! In fact, we colour and paint Monster Trucks characters and read Thomas Train Comics 🙂

Playing with Signal

Let’s imagine that Mommy’s laptop metamorphosed overnight into HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook. To give you a preface of what the HP Star Wars Notebook is: It is designed on Star Wars theme and comes preloaded with thousands of rare wallpapers, screen savers, concept arts and story boards from the Star Wars series.

HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook

The most brilliant feature that amuses me in the HP Star Wars Notebook is the Star Wars Command Centre. It is similar to a Star Wars data bank which can be accessed from a pre-loaded desktop icon. The command centre hoards under its ‘Gallery’ section, several Behind the Scenes moments of the Star Wars movie-making, including a collection of star ship models. The Concept Art sub-section showcases visualizations that became reality, painted scenes and set designs by the Star Wars crew.

Well, if Mommy’s laptop featured such collection, what would we do?

HP Star Wars 7 Concept Art

We would certainly get inspired to build toy star ships!

My little son doesn’t understand yet of what Galaxies are but he gets excited with anything that involves celestial vehicles. To show him a sample of the HP Star Wars Notebook content, we watched an animation episode from The Empire Strikes Back together. Guess what?! He excitedly announced, “Amma, let’s build the flying boat today!” Yes, he meant the Millennium Falcon!

Star Wars Toy Vehicles

And the fun began!

At first, we made basic 2D toy versions of three Star Wars vehicles – Millennium Falcon, the flying boat 🙂 Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle and Rey’s Speeder! Upon his real toys, we stuck stickers of these vehicles. So they had the outlook of the vehicles while behind the stickers were hidden the real toys. Nevertheless, he assumed them to be the star ships that he had seen in the animation movie and was excited to ride them over the walls and staircase railing. The video below is a capture of a few interesting moments of our play inspired by the HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook.

As a next step in our toy-making, we chose the X-Wing and a TIE Fighter from the HP Star Wars Notebook wall paper themes. This time, we drew the art models on a paper. And we tried to make 3D models using thermocol, cardboard and paper pins. Though I couldn’t figure out a technology to make it fly in the air, I managed to help him to get a glimpse of how such inventions are theoretically designed and developed. And I believe the rest of the collection in the HP Star Wars Notebook would continue to inspire us.

TIE Fighter

Tie fighter model

All is well that ends well. In a few hours of play, he broke one of Kylo Ren’s Shuttle wings, two of X-Wings cannons and was figuring how to dismantle the TIE Fighter 😥 I am used to such mass destruction and I’ve learnt to be strong-hearted. But today, after the fun play, he came to me with a drawing of a few mismatched lines on his palm.

And he declared it as the design of his new star ship!


Whosoever designed the HP Star Wars Notebook, I tell you, “This is how you’ve awakened the Force in a three-year old.”

I’ve never watched cartoons or animation series as a child. Not even Spider Man, He-Man or Shakthi Man. At thirty, I am living my childhood with my son while at three, he is designing star ships. What else can make a Mom feel worthy of her intense motherhood vows?!

The HP Star Wars fun didn’t end yet!

The ‘Gallery’ section of the command centre also stocks Illustrated Art featuring colouring book arts and comic book covers. Should I mention how colouring excites little children?! It would, for sure, inspire him to colour them in reality. I hunted for a Star Wars colouring book and here he is, bringing the characters alive with colours!

Star Wars Colouring Art

Kylo Ren, the ‘Black Man’ as he calls, scares him for some reason. The default desktop wall paper of the HP Star Wars notebook, that makes us come face-to-face with Kylo Ren isn’t going to be fine. May be he would wish Yoda instead. We shall have fun flipping through the Star Wars Command Centre, to customize a slide show of desktop wallpapers with characters we like.

HP Star Wars 7 Command Centre

Free access to comic book collections and the Star Wars Library of ebooks are yet other delights to us from the HP Star Wars Notebook. Every time I would click these icons on the desktop, I would feel I am entering a treasure-house of wealth. I would get to read-out new stories to him everyday instead of repeating Fireman Sam and Mr.Happy stories which I do as a daily ritual now.

HP Star Wars 7 Comics

HP Star Wars Notebook has in store a special treat to this home-arrested mom too! Guess what?! One year of free subscription for movies through Fandor. I shall blow pop corns in the oven, pack them in cones and simulate a movie hall 😛

HP Star Wars 7 Fandor

Let me also tell you two more admirable features of the notebook. Every time, I receive an email, the R2D2 would beep. Ha! Instead of the usual windows sounds, I get to hear Star Wars theme notification sounds. Imagine, I also get to choose from 8 such sets of Star Wars sounds. I cannot end this post without a mention of the recycle bin. Mind it, Death Star 1 is the default recycle bin icon. When it gets emptied, it changes to Death Star 2 😯 A true audio and visual simulation of #AwakenYourForce!

 Simply, a served plate for mommies like me 🙂


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