Buy nothing; Get Free, as many as you Wish!

Buy nothing; Get Free, as many as you wish!

You really wish the supermarket in your city offers this?

Then go back to your dreams 😆

However, be reminded that the best of our yaari/dosti can certainly shower us such offers of love!

When my son plays with his little folks, toy fights are a common happening. In such times, we, moms, tell them, “It’s alright. Share your toys,” to which their reaction is often a loud ‘Nooooo’. And then when we say, “C’mon, now share a hug,” they get back to their smiles and literally crush each other with hugs 😆 Even little children seem to understand what a loving hug means!


When I look back, the people with whom, I could always be the most of my self, are those little friends who fought with me for toys, as a child. They know not just me; but my family, my weaknesses, my dislikes and everything not-so-beautiful about my other side. And yet, we have remained the best of friends! Such kinds of friendships do travel along our lives, no matter how far we go away from each other, no matter how big a change life seems to throw upon us and no matter how seemingly successful or less successful we become of our lives.

In a time when people are fleeing out of the city because of the catastrophic deluge, I am stubborn to stay here in Chennai waiting for such a yaari/dosti of my childhood, who is on her way from oceans across, carrying the burden of the loss of her father. It’s unimaginable to think of the moment when I will meet her tomorrow. But I know I can share a hug before I can look into her eyes and that would bring down half the burden she’s been carrying, all by herself.

To all those reading this post, here are my little thoughts on keeping your friendship moving on:

  • Feel blessed for the friends you have; they carry an untold bond with your birth.
  • Stay connected with them; there’s no scarcity of technology today.
  • And let those connections penetrate deeper, beyond technology, into your hearts!
  • Petty fights and a little ego are just okay; with years you will realize that they gave you interesting memories, after all. But let them not suffocate your relationships.
  • There’s so much that togetherness can bring into action. Celebrate responsibly such times; make them constructive and memorable.
  • And remember to share a hug, often! After all, you know why!

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Disclaimer: This post is intended for people aged above 25 years.


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