Indeed, Pages from Serendipity!

I am a poor reader!

I often feel guilty about it, no matter how many excuses I may put forth for it. There are several pages that have been bookmarked in my system and every time I take a glance of it all, I feel a sense of helplessness running through my nerves. Science news, short stories, blog pages, write-ups of known people, parenting tips – from gadgets to household, I dream of reading myriad stuff only to give away my dreams to other responsibilities. Even if one would ask me who my favourite author is, I am not sure if I am read enough to answer it.

Ironically, I review books! Thanks to those few books that authors and publishers request me to review. If not for those books and the few blogs I follow (though not regularly), I would have become a victim to the helplessness. Here’s one of the blogs that I’ve been thinking to write about for long. I had it in my mind to nominate for Blogadda Win 2015, but it never reached my hands. Finally, it’s here today, thanks to Indispire Edition 94!

Parul Thakur writes at Happiness and Food

Happiness and Food

I came to know more of Parul’s writings when she took up the 2015 A to Z Writing Challenge. She mostly wrote about the societal crimes against women for the writing program. She shared the agony that Indian women face and feel at some point in their lives. The posts were touching, inspiring, thoughtful and reflective. Here’s one more of her recent posts, Do not read this, about a literacy campaign. Hardly a few words but brings out the helplessness of the literacy-denied people!

I see ‘Writing for the love of writing’ in Happiness and Food. Our ordinary lives have so much to inspire us to write and that’s something Parul inspires us to do. I admire the simplicity in her subjects. And the sensibility in her words! My writings, in the recent past being restricted to contests participation and sponsored posts, I feel glad every time I get an email notification of a genuine blog post from her – the joy of witnessing something that I am missing to do.

Not to miss out is the fun she covers in some of her posts. I greatly admire the pictures and funny statistics that she picks for her posts. Here’s one: 9 most despised work personalities. The gratitude list that Parul comes up with every month is an exceptional thought. A step to make all of us feel humble for all the simplest and beautiful things around us! There are also a lot of photography treats in Happiness and Food that come with nature’s hidden explanations 🙂

The brevity, the warmth, the honesty, the courage and the artistry are a few emotions I often drench in at Happiness and Food. Indeed, Pages from Serendipity! My hearty wishes to the blog and the author!

Parul, I am not a regular follower of your posts and don’t even comment on most of your posts that I read, but as you said, I am there 🙂


13 thoughts on “Indeed, Pages from Serendipity!

  1. Oh my God Nandhini! I can’t believe that you have written about happiness and food. I was working on something important when my phone showed up a new ping back. I saw it wasn’t a comment so I opened my mailbox to check and what I found made me smile from from my heart. I am very humbled and I cannot thank you enough.
    Let me share why I still cannot believe that you have written this post. Ever since I took up NaBloPoMo, I wrote regularly and was enjoying the experience but then towards the end I reached a point where I started doubting the way I write, why the biggies in the world never mention me, why even the most heart felt post fails to reach the right audience and such thoughts. With all that dilemma in my mind and the wedding of a friend- for 7 days straight, I did not write a word. Yesterday was one post after a gap of 7 days and today I see this. I am grateful to you for helping me pick up that piece of my heart in writing which was about to fall. I am sure you know this will go to Gratitude List 🙂

    P.S. Here is the link to 2015 A to Z posts –

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  2. That was a pleasure, Parul and you deserve it 🙂 Ha, I know you can never fall in your writing! And remember there could be 100s of lazy people like me who read but not comment and feel good about your words but never mention it. And know that you are a genuine writer which most from our blogger circle would have spotted out.

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