Eat without Guilt!

Of the few things that I enjoy eating, Moong Dal Laddu is one. In fact, all my childhood Diwalis meant Moong Dal Laddus! I used to wait excitedly for mom to fill the big steel drum with laddus and then the laddu count down would begin only to end a few days before Diwali. And mom wouldn’t mind redoing the drum-filling 😆

If you ask me if I shall bestow my children with such sweet Diwali moments, I am not sure I would. For one, I am yet to get inclined with such ‘mommy’ness and also, I feel guilty to infect the family blood with sugary sweetness. To put it sincerely, I often feel indecisive about choosing between health and taste. When we were kids, there were no big hypes about calorie intakes, weight issues, using sugar and ghee or cholesterol-rich foods. So it was relatively easier to cook all that the moms of the families desired. However, today, when I go to the super market, it has become a necessity to check food packets for their trans fat levels, MUFA, PUFA, …..uff!

Though I cannot compromise the little pleasures of the taste buds, I’ve discovered small kitchen secrets to ‘eat without guilt’. Here are a few:

  • Replace large or medium-sized spoons in the sugar dabbas and oil dispensers with smaller ones. This is sure to cut, to a certain extent, the amount of sugar and oil that gets into our systems.
  • Don’t stock more-than-necessary measure of sugar at home. The very thought that ‘there’s more inside’ will make us spend more.
  • Be thrifty with how much of sweets you prepare. In general, we make extras of delicious dishes and try to over stuff ourselves beyond the feel-g-taste threshold.
  • Be generous in distributing sweets. It’s nice to surprise your neighbours or invite a friend home to share the homemade sweets.
  • Substitute sugar with jaggery or palm sugar or sugar-free additives. It might taste slightly different when you use such sugar substitutes for the first time but in a week’s time, you will feel alright.

Here’s my favourite Moong Dal Laddu (Pasi Paruppu Urundai) receipe, off course without sugar!



Moong Dal – 1 Cup

Sugar Free Natura – 1 Cup

Ghee (Melted) – 1/4 Cup

Cardamom – For taste

Cashwe nuts – Required


  1. Dry roast Moon Dal in a pan until it turns golden brown. Take care not to over burn. Let it cool.
  2. Grind the roasted Dal in a mixer to a fine powder.
  3. Grind sugar Free Natura with cardamom separately in a mixer.
  4. Mix the powdered Moong Dal and sugarfree well and sieve the mix to remove larger granules.
  5. Roast the cashew nuts in a spoon of ghee and add to the sieved powder.
  6. Melt ghee and add little by little to the powder.
  7. Make laddus while mixing the powder with ghee.
  8. Store in an air tight container in a dry place.

Moong Dal Laddu is a quick and an easy recipe and substituting sugar with sugar Free Natura should make it more healthy and delicious!



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