Baby Skin Care: 5 Tips that None will Ever tell You!

If you are a new parent or on the way to become one, you must have started ransacking the web world for baby care tips. Probably, that’s how you landed here. From breast feeding to changing diapers to decoding cries, the first-time parenthood is a new experience that neither books nor learning apps can teach you. The more you search about baby care, the more complicated it feels. Well, that’s how parenting is!

Here’s a quick post to reveal five secrets about keeping your baby’s skin soft that pediatricians, most often, do not mention:

Ensure Skin-to-skin Contact during the First Hour after Birth: Wonder what this has to do with softness of the skin? It does! The first hour soon after birth is said to be the healing hour. The healing hour has the potential to heal those difficulties that the baby faced during pregnancy or the birthing process. Bestowing early warmth to the new life is nature’s way of helping the baby to keep her skin soft at all times, irrespective of the baby lotions that may be used at later stages.

And remember, Skin means Protection!: Psychologically, skin signifies protection. More protected the baby feels in the womb and during the first few days of life, the more she trusts this new world. The extent of softness of her skin depends on the depth of protection you give her in the initial days, by ways of always being by her side, embracing her close, bonding through breast feeding and internally feeling happy by her arrival. Wrapping her with warm clothes but missing any of the above isn’t actually protecting her. Her skin might need to develop more coarse layers, then, for self-protection.

Breast feed for her Healthy Skin: The fat layer beneath the outer skin of babies develop different compositions depending on whether they are breast fed or formula fed. Feeding your baby with mother’s milk grabs the advantage of making her skin softer and smoother. In fact, experienced pediatricians can point out the kind of feed a baby receives by the touch and appearance of the skin. As a matter of fact, stuffing her with ghee and butter, later in life, cannot compensate the gift of mother’s milk.

Choose a Natural Moisturizing method: Almost everything that you read and watch, about keeping safe the soft skin of your baby, will emphasize on moisture. An often-overlooked factor is the moisture content of the air that surrounds the baby. If you are either living in a non-humid region or use an air conditioner or humidifier constantly, there are high chances for the surrounding air to remain dry. An intelligent way to naturally combat dry air is to place a pot of water in a corner of baby’s room. Irrespective of the weather, this will moisten the air and helps to preserve the softness of baby’s skin.

Provide Comfortable Diapering: That’s something they do often as babies! And they deserve comfort to do what they do most often! Use a soft diaper brand like Pampers that leaves your little bundle’s skin soft and healthy. Follow good diapering practices such as using wet wipes and applying rash cream (only if necessary) in order to protect the baby soft skin of your baby.

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