Confessions of an Indian Dad

The following narration is a piece of fiction written for

the #Technocrats contest sponsored by Micromax

in association with Blogmint

I am an Indian doctor of the 1980s and an Indian dad of the 1990s, the former being far easier a role than the latter. Well, that was what I had assumed until I turned fifty, last month!

Both my children are students of Medicine, aged twenty and eighteen. Except for the time they bath, the older is glued to his Canvas Nitro4G and the younger has both his hands engaged with one smartphone each – something I had hated, despised, cursed, condemned…..! I wished they read newspapers, played football and read meaningful books, instead. Well, until I turned fifty!

Once, the younger brat hurriedly ran out of the toilet, after reading something on his phone, to meet somebody. Until today, I couldn’t guess what could have been so urgent than what he was actually doing. Day-before-yesterday, my fellow doctor professor complained of throwing six students out of the class (the older brat being one among them) for cross-questioning the professor’s lecture. I often felt that the youth of India are becoming holy terrors plagued by the smart phone technology. Well, until I turned fifty!

So, what happened at fifty?

My sons gifted me a Micromax Canvas Knight 2! Until fifty, I was using the button press phone in which I had to type the number 2, thrice, to get the alphabet ‘C’ on the screen.

Micromax Canvas Knight 2

Courtesy: Micromax India 

In the first few days, I cursed the brats for wasting money but when I heard, it was with what they had saved from their part-time jobs, I was a little relieved and a little moved. But wait, part-time jobs? When, where, how?

Not only did I get an answer to this one but to several others. I was stunned listening to what my dear brats have been doing with their smartphones, all these while.

  • I regret for having hunted for Sholay DVD which anyways turned to be a fake one. With the superfast 4G connectivity, I could have watched the movie without a break and without streaming on a 4G smartphone. However, my boys use the 4G speed for quick understanding during class hours. Yeah, that’s when he was thrown out of the class for disproving the professor’s statements.
  • During my experience as a doctor, I have witnessed at least fifty patients die due to the lack of blood donors. However, Bloodline, an android app instantly matches blood donors with those who need it. As a matter of fact, this app was developed by young IIT-Madras students and the very reason why my younger son ran out of the toilet; to save a precious life!
  • The powerful Octacore processor allows them to do multi-tasking efficiently. That’s how they could learn clinical information through Medscape app and shop useless steel dabbas for their mom, all at the same time, efficiently.
  • Through Whatsapp groups, they’ve been helping street children to get vaccinations.
  • The Android Lollipop platform helps in saving battery during medical camps.
  • When their good-for-nothing friends (as I had assumed earlier) meet, they use the Daily Rounds for Doctors app for preparing for PG entrance examinations. They also use several medical library and dictionary apps like Skyscape and Prognosis.
  • With the Do Parttime app, they have been earning while learning!

There’s much to learn from the technology-driven youth of today’s India; notably how they are evolving with smartphones!

I confess, I’ve been an uninformed doctor. With my new Canvas Knight 2, I hope to evolve as a father and as a doctor!



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