Of Life’s Pillar, made of Great!

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At age five, she could climb on a table to switch on the bathroom light.

At age eight, she could use the mixer grinder to prepare a snack.

At age ten, she could be at ease at carpentering wood pieces to make a study table.

At thirteen, she could break off the customs and rituals of the ‘young lady’ tradition.

At sixteen, she could drive a car.

At twenty, she could stay focused on her career path.

At twenty-five, she could support the family single-handedly.

At twenty-seven, she could envision her future in a distant land.

At twenty-nine, she could break the intercontinental walls to get married to the man of her heart.

At thirty, she could bring the family’s architectural dreams alive and

At thirty-four, she is the mother of three; touch wood, sailing through strong yet considerate waves of life!

There’s much more of her, I’ve known, growing up with! And the more I come to know, the more I understand what she’s made of! Of her greatness!


We all come to a point in life when life’s big uncertainties finally subside – what to study, what job to do, who to marry, where to settle. Regardless of the struggles it took us to reach this point, the very fact that we have come past these anxieties is bliss. At this juncture, if we look back to count all of those people who were, in some way, a significant part of our bygone days, there would be many.

The English teacher who corrected my ‘giraffe’ pronunciation, the classmate who prodded me to write a short story at age eleven, a pen friend from Bhutan who introduced me to Enid Blyton classics – there has been several of them who, I remember to have shaped, so much in me, at various points in life. Perhaps, the right pronunciation of Giraffe wouldn’t have fetched me anything big; however, it did shed light on the importance of right diction. The trivial story I wrote at eleven is no where now, but it did tap the hidden writer in me. And it was with Enid Blyton’s secret seven series that I discovered the reader in me. I am thankful to the greatness of my English teacher in not shrugging off the grammar error, to the greatness of my young classmate in believing in me and to the greatness of my pen friend in sharing her favourite reads. I can name hundreds more of such nice souls for their greatness in something, however frivolous it might have been.

And it’s her greatness that stands tall of all!

While I would cry to Ma for switching on the bathroom light, she would pull a table to do it herself. While I would hang around Ma’s pallu for some evening snack, she would make one by herself and offer me some. Operating the blender at that young age seemed a miraculous talent to me and I would look at her with awe every time she does such small unexpected things. While I would refuse and make a big fuss to apply Hydrogen Peroxide (Ma’s favourite medication) on a small wound, she would quickly swab a cotton drenched with it on her big red wound and get back to the basket ball court immediately.

She has amazed me ever since my first day on Earth!

Of course, there is much to admire in every person; well, if only we are willing to look into each. And those I did in her are the sense of in-dependency, courage and the will to keep going no matter what. For all that she is today, I assume these are what that drives her from within.

She had labour pain. Well, she drove the car to the hospital, after getting the kids ready to take them along with her 😯 Yeah, be it taking a decision or moving a mountain, she does it all alone. She simply doesn’t need a support. As a matter of fact, for half of my life, I’ve been dependent on Ma. The remaining half, I’ve been inspired by her to stay independent. Though I grew up watching her, it was only after I left my parental home that I began to imbibe what I’d seen of her all through the years. Today, from making a cup of coffee to looking after home and kid, while working as well, I’ve learned to manage all by myself. By doing so, I realized what it is that made her greatly independent – shedding lethargy and the confidence in believing the self!

She was just sixteen then. She didn’t have a driving license nor was she formally trained in driving. There she was waiting at my school gate to pick me up home, on the driver’s seat  with Ma behind who almost had a nervous break down. And she did take us home safe. I learnt riding a cycle at seven and driving a two-wheeler at thirteen. It was certainly because she was constantly behind me to make me learn. Once, while I was about to take a right turn in my two-wheeler, a car was about to dash us but stopped just a few inches before us. I panicked to death whereas she got down to give left and right to the car driver. Courage is in her blood! It isn’t something that others instill in us nor is something that others can rob from us. It’s to do with oneself – the certainty that we cannot be hurt; that we cannot be harmed; and that we are right! That’s what I found at the depth of her being. The second time I visited a bank alone to make a DD, my blood was beginning to freeze but I soon followed what she had instructed me during the first visit, “Ask if you don’t know something, that’s how everybody learns.”

At a time of financial crisis in the family, all others slowed down. However she kept moving at her constant pace for she knew that’s the only thing that can lift us up. And she proved she was right! Keep moving! This is not something she says but follows. Financial problems, relationship hurdles, losing a loved one and health issues – there are times in life that threaten us to slow down. But only a few can inspire us to keep moving during such times; to remind us that life goes on, no matter what. She did that to the entire family at just twenty-five.

If you were in sync with me till now, you would know who I’d talked about all along. Yes! My BIG SISTER, not too big by age but hugely big by her endurance and tenacity. Among several others who crossed my life’s path, it is pleasing not to have overlooked that of the one who has been my life’s pillar; who is simply made of great! 

Note to readers

The #madeofgreat campaign is the first time Tata Motors is undertaking an overall brand association campaign with a brand ambassador. It rides on a strong consumer motivation of ‘Seeking Excellence’ and ‘Self Belief’ which is showcased by the confluence of two global brands-Tata Motors and Lionel Messi. The campaign builds upon Tata Motors’ DNA of trust, authenticity, reliability, simplicity, as well as its commitment to innovation.

Please share, in the comments below, of the one you feel is made of great or has made your life great in some way. 

Lionel Messi is talent galore with conviction and is an icon for today’s youth. He is a winner who is trustworthy, reliable, pioneering, simple and driven by self-belief, which is what is at the core of Tata Motors as well. Thus, proving to be an ideal fit for the role of Global Brand Ambassador.​

Also, please share, in the comments below, of what you think of Tata Motors’ association with Lionel Messi? One of you will win a gift voucher of Rs. 750. I am serious! Make it before 26th November, 2015.

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37 thoughts on “Of Life’s Pillar, made of Great!

  1. Such a lovely ode to your sister. I have come across so many touching posts that talk about their loved ones being #madeofgreat.

    As for my thoughts on Tata Motors association with football great Lionel Messi, I strongly feel these are two greats in their own ‘field’, taking on the ‘challengers’ and hitting the ‘goals’ without taking their eye off the ball.
    Do hop over to my blog and share your thoughts on my post

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Gauri. Certainly, most often it’s our closest people who inspire us in great ways. Hope they keep hitting several goals in the years to come. Sure, heading straight to survival of the optimist 🙂 Thanks for your time here. Please keep visiting often.


  2. Life moves on, no matter what. This is indeed a great inspiration. As a matter of fact, people who face challenges at a young age realize this truth much earlier. While I was reading about Messi’s early life, I learned that he had a growth hormone deficiency in his childhood. For the sports legend he is today, I guess none can believe this. His passion for football must have been so great that he could outgrew this condition. Likewise, inspite of the huge criticism Tata Indica, Tata’s first passaenger car, received, Tata Motors could make it as one of the best selling cars in India. These two passion-driven brands coming together marks a legendary association in the Indian automobile industry. And it promises something far greater than what we’ve witnessed so far!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think the courage and never-say-die attitude that your sister has been exhibiting all through life is something expected from every woman today. Many girls will draw inspiration from this post. Lionel Messi has that attitude which has made him the great footballer that he is today. His association with another stalwart like Tata Motors is very promising. We can expect the made in India cars to get ahead in global competition with he resoluteness shown my Messi and your “Big Sister”.
    Nice inspiring post.


  4. Your big sister is truly a blessing in your life! your love for her palpable and I with you both the very best 🙂
    Lionel Messi’s association with Tata Motors is also based on such deep admiration for each other’s work ethic, sincerity and passion! Both are committed to perfection and are bound to create history together! Here’s hoping they achieve many milestones together 🙂


  5. This is an inspirational post with an optimistic message. I believe you to be a blessed with such an inspirational and motivating sister, who with her actions, made you realize the greatness in her and inspired you too. I agree with you that there are many unnamed individuals in our lives, who inspired the best in us, someday, sometime. It is indeed not the effect of one, but many, which shapes our very identity. For me, there are many such individuals, who have motivated the best in me, one being Laxmi, of whom, I talk in my post >> https://t.co/F5Qzd9X4rq

    Likewise, when you speak of the association of Messi with TATA Motors, I believe he is an inspiration to many because of his undying passion for sports and so is TATA known for their excellence and dedication towards automobiles. I believe they both compliment each other and in a way, are a replica of each other. Their association will be beneficial not only for themselves, but for many, who look upto them as a pillar of dedication and perseverance in their respective fields.


  6. She is a real hero for me…what great accomplishments she has! Wow, simply superb…just to say the least!
    It might not sound a big deal, but i can imagine what she must have gone through!

    As for Messi with Tata Motors, i feel it is an association of equals – in terms of brand name, values they espouse and their strong background in their respective fields. I have always been inspired with Tata Group, having worked for TCS. I am sure Messi will add onto their Reputation and bring in additional Customer Loyalty.


  7. Hi Nandini, how ecstatic I am feeling after becoming aware of such a splendid personality like this woman of substance in your life. Such a mentor is certainly the gem of a person with a heart of gold. You have portrayed the impact of her on your life so beautifully. Hats off to this lady with a difference for her worthy contribution in giving your life a whole new definition and kudos to you for such a great write-up. 🙂

    Tata motors, the name speaks power, patronage and patriotism to we, the Indians, as this is our very own arena of trust and belief loaded with performance and excellence. When Tata motors got associated with the living legend Lionel Messi, this association has become the merger of Tiitans, the coalition of two power-packed performers.

    • Leo Messi, the football maestro, is the performer par excellence on the football courts while Tata motors is the makers of masterpieces to conquer the roads. This is the one union that is #madeofgreat power and perseverance.
    • While Messi is being counted for his winning stride, Tata Motors is the reason for Indians to feel pride. This is the one alliance that is #madeofgreat quantum and quality.
    • While Leo Messi is the personification of panache, Tata Motors is the portrayal of perfection. This is the one amalgamation that is made of great presentation and practicality.

    So, for The Style Symphony, Tata motor’s association with Lionel Messi is #madeofgreat value that is indeed going to benefit the automotive industry with a new zeal to touch the zenith.


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