CollegeDunia: A guide to your quest, ‘What to study? Where to study?’

What to study? Where to study?

This is one question that churns every teenager’s heart and brain;

The question that doesn’t have a choice but needs to be answered rightly;

The question that directs the rest of the life!

In India, if one likes carpentry, he or she simply cannot become a carpenter. Seventeen – when one is yet to explore opportunities ahead and passions within, marks the decision-making age. ‘Keep your exploration aside; fix on your destination first’ is what life demands at this age. And one doesn’t have a choice. Financial burdens, social conditioning and the fear of future force us to take the first bus. By the time and age, you are confident about becoming a carpenter, you have already spent a decade in where your first bus took you to and it seems meaningless to drive down your path, for the sake of what you like.

Yes, it’s ironical! But most of the times, the first bus gives you the sense of direction. It helps you from getting lost in the search of what you are unsure of searching for. And perhaps, if you begin your quest early; earlier than when your life begins to demand you, your first bus might turn to be the one destined for you. So, if you (or your children) are nearing seventeen, get geared up to ransack the myriads of opportunities around you.

Be reminded that you are not left alone in this scrutiny of finding courses and colleges in India. There are several educational portals online that can give you a helping hand. One such leading portal is CollegeDunia is a comprehensive college search engine that lists extensive information about universities, colleges, courses, entrance examinations and college events & festivals. It’s a one-stop place to know everything about more than 20,000 colleges in India. Here’s a quick look into the website features:

Explore Streams of Study

By the time you near the end of schooling or bachelor studies, you might have a fair idea of your further area of study. Even if you don’t, it’s alright. CollegeDunia has an interesting display of the various streams of study, available in India. A collection of all the streams at one place guides you to get familiarized with the subject areas. When you click on each of these, it takes you to the list of colleges that specialize in the particular stream, by order of ranking. Note the filter options on the left side menu bar which allows you to narrow down your search. For instance, if you are looking for information on medical colleges in delhi, clicking on the check box against ‘Delhi’ under the search category will refine the results accordingly.


Explore Courses of Study

CollegeDunia showcases a broad list of study courses. The list covers Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Philosophy and Doctorates degrees in various subjects. It’s helpful to understand the different levels of courses offered in each of the subject areas. Most of you might be aware of the main stream MBA degree program; however, how familiar are you with the executive MBA program? Do you know B.Sc Medicine course is available in India? How aware are you of BBA Aviation and B.Planning programs? Get updated! Clicking on a course will take you to the list of colleges that offer the course, by order of ranking.

CollegeDunia Courses

Know the Top Entrance Examinations in India

Several top institutes in India require an entrance examination to be cleared, prior to the admission process. Most of such exams have specific deadlines for the submission of application, missing which the candidate needs to wait for another academic year for the application process. Hence, it is important to get updated about the details of entrance exams well in advance. CollegeDunia details all must-know information about top entrance exams in India such as important dates, eligibility, cut-off score, results etc. Given below is the examination process of XAT 2015 as illustrated by CollegeDunia:

XAT 2015 CollegeDunia

Extensive information about Colleges

Prospective students shall find brief information on colleges from CollegeDunia. Fees for individual courses, placement details, facilities, ranking, faculty, news, a gallery of photos and videos are a few of the important details that are listed. The individual college webpages are neatly designed such that the space looks uncluttered in spite of the detailed information provided.

Wide Search Criteria

The most useful feature in CollegeDunia is the filter options provided for searching colleges. Whether you want to find medical colleges in gujarat or colleges that have 2-4 lakhs fee structure, your search can’t get any easier. You can search for colleges based on the following features:

  • By Streams
  • By State
  • By Fees
  • By University
  • By Exam (GATE, MAT etc.)
  • By Duration
  • By Type of College (Private/Public)
  • By Course Type (Degree/Diploma/Certificate)
  • By Approval (UGC, NAAC etc.)
  • By Type of Course (Full-time, Part-time, Correspondence etc.)

Well, we now know what makes CollegeDunia, a comprehensive search engine!

To a certain extent, the choices we make about what we study and where we study marks the significant landmarks in our life’s paths. With the availability of helpful resources like CollegeDunia may the generations of today and tomorrow have the liberty to understand the opportunities ahead of them and make meaningful decisions with their careers!


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