Little Stories, Little Plays, Little Food & Big Smiles!

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Traffic SignalAmma: “Look, what I’ve made for you.”

Vihaan: “Eeeeee……new traffic single?”

Amma: “Yes, a new traffic signal! Not single!”

Vihaan: “I play new single?”

Amma: “Yes, you can play with the new signal and you can also EAT this.”

Vihaan: “Woooooo……I go get my blue carrrrrr…..”

Amma: “Here comes Vihaan’s blue car.”


Vihaan: “Guuuuuuuuuu…………”

Amma: “Slow, slow, your car is nearing the signal.”

Vihaan: “Guu Guu Guu…..Red…. STOP!”

Amma: “Good. You can eat the Red nuggets now.”

Munch! Munch! Munch!

Vihaan: “Cherry nuggies?”

Amma: “Ha! Yes! More cherries?

Vihaan: “Hahn, Hahn, Hahn!”

Munch! Munch! Munch!

Amma: “Okay, now what’s this?”

Vihaan: “Yellow, READY!”

Amma: “Yes, my boy. You can have the yellow nuggets now.”

Munch! Munch! Munch!

Vihaan: “Corn nuggies?”

Amma: “Yeah, yeah, yeah! More corns?”

Vihaan: “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Munch! Munch! Munch!

Amma: “Next comes……?”

Vihaan: “Green, Goooooooooooooooo………..!!!!!!!”

Amma: “Wait! Wait! Have the green nuggets.”

Vihaan: “No.No. Wait is yellow. Not green.”

Amma: “Ha!Ha! You are right, my little boy. Start your car and then have the green nuggets.”

Vihaan: “Ok. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..”

Munch! Munch! Munch!

Vihaan: “Peas nuggies!!! Amma, more peas, please…”

Playing with Signal

And there he smiles with every bite of his new signal snack!

And yes, yet another invention to make him eat!

He’s crazy about cars. Just Crazy! At one point in time, every day, he would go to bed with a toy car in hand, wearing car shirts and listening to car stories. To channelize his zeal of cars, I’ve created a miniature road layout in his play room. All that he would see by the real roads – petrol bunk, traffic signal, shop, mechanic center, fly over, speed breaker, zebra crossing, bus stop – are recreated in his play room. He enthusiastically learns this way while at the same time he is engaged in happy plays too. And every now and then, I keep introducing something new in his road play.

Today, for a change, it wasn’t a toy, but food! I made McCain’s Veggie Nuggets and French Fries for him. It takes just 3 minutes to cook these and contains 0% cholesterol and trans fat. And he loves these! An interesting idea struck me as I was watching him play, from the kitchen. Instead of offering his snacks plainly on the plate, I arranged them to make interesting play activities for him. One of them is the traffic signal, the conversation about which you just read. I am glad that I materialized my idea for one, the joy in his eyes and smiles and two, he had some healthy food.

Sun in Snacks

Rain Rain Going

Come Again

Little Johnny Play

Rain Rain Going

This was the first rhymes he recited one day while watching rain. Sometimes, he feels curious to know from where so much water pours down suddenly and he doesn’t understand why it stops. Recently, I made toy models of Sun, Clouds and Rain on his play room wall and explained the process. For some reason, he became interested in the Sun, since then. And when I offered him the McCain Veggie nuggets and french fries in the shape of the sun, he was super excited. He immediately dragged me to his room; pointing alternatively to the toy Sun on the wall and the one on the plate, he asked, “Same Sun, Same Sun?”


It’s such small new discoveries that I admire with children. It feels new and exciting for them, as they continue to explore the world around them. That’s how another plate of snacks and corns brought on him, more smiles!

Play Cafe

A play house is under construction for him. While I was frying the McCain nuggets, it struck me that I could use the play house windows for a new play, as a cafe door. I instructed him to sit on one side of the windows. I asked him to do the ‘knock knock’ (one of his favourite plays). I opened the windows and placed his toy cup and saucer full of french fries and veggie nuggets. Whoa! That seemed simply exciting to him that he began to do the ‘knock knock’ for every piece of the french fries he took out from the cup. Well, it also meant that I had to remain seated on the other side to open the windows every time he knocks 😦 But it was all worth for those beautiful little smiles!

Playing Cafe

His most favourite role play is that of ‘Fireman Sam’. It started with the book I used to read-out to him during bedtime and also the fire truck we bought him last month. I would make a call to his toy phone to inform about the fire in the mountain. He would immediately wear his yellow cap and take his fire truck down the road, making a loud siren sound, and reach the mountain. It’s the bear that would get caught in the fire, most of the times and he would spray water and use the ladder to rescue the bear.

Fire Engine

Coming to the point, I arranged the McCain french fries to form the outline of fire truck (rather, attempted) and placed it in front of him while he was busy rescuing the bear. I was thankful that he did recognize it as a fire truck 😆 For the fourth time, it was amusing for him to see a food stuff that resembled one of his toys.

Fire in the mountainThe next day, after I gave him his plate of snacks, he called out for me in a few minutes. It was a cute surprise to see what he had made with the snacks. He had formed a train and also placed his toy train near it 🙂 Now it was my turn for a BIG SMILE!


To combine food and play is a nice way to make children have healthy food. And the best way for us to relive a second childhood every day! Thanks, McCain, you’ve been a trigger to our new foody play inventions!


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  1. Excellent post Nandhini…I have been an ardent follower of your posts and just love your creative thoughts and how simply you connect us with your every post….you are a true inspirer in every sense for most of us….Thank you again…

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