It’s a question today!

How together are we, by hearts, with our relationships?

How much of ‘together’ memories will our children hold in their future?

Have we begun to define togetherness by living in the same house?

Are we evolving to a ‘weekend family’ culture?

Is watching a movie together becoming more significant than playing in the beach together?

Recently, a video I received through whatsapp made me introspect on ‘togetherness’. In the video, a son visits an old-age home to join his old dad. After the joining formalities are done, the son has a casual conversation with the Father who runs the old-age home. To his shock, he learns from the Father that he was an orphan, adopted by his dad from the same home, thirty years ago.

What is it so annoying about parents that they need to be left in an old-age home?!

Petty family feuds and old age? Are these unbearable sins?

Is this how their lifetime of just ‘everything’ to and for their children end?

It has become a trend to join children at play schools as early as one and a half years. There are, in fact, babies who go to day care at six months of age. And maids and baby sitters have begun to replace the roles of mothers. When children come home from school, they are made to go to a tuition center. During summer holidays, they are made extremely busy with summer classes.

Can working hard for the sake of earning for children justify being away from them?

Can keeping them busy bridge this distance?

Learning, development, talents, skills, creativity – is that all childhood about? Where’s Joy?

What are we doing to their childhood?

Most marital conversations sail over ‘Good morning’ and ‘Good night’. Everything else – home finance, matters of children, in law quarrels, ego clashes, even birthday wishes – happen over chats and emails. Thank God for weekends. The family gets to have, at the least, a meal together.

Are couples beginning to shed their ‘couple’ life?

Do smart phones, laptops and television seem to be better stress relievers than spouses?

Are marriages getting burdened?

We have the answers! We have the power to do what is right. We just need will – will to reinforce the joy in togetherness!

For once, let’s stop blaming ‘time’. It has been the same since Earth was formed and it’s always going to remain the same. It is with our lifestyle that we need to deal with. Problems and misunderstandings may exist. Let them do. But let them not steal our togetherness. Keeping parents far away, sending children to classes, allowing cold distance with spouses – rethink how much of our togetherness is getting lost.

Of course, we cannot quit our jobs, at least most of us because that has become the backbone of our existence. But there are ample others that we can quit.

Quit extensive chatting over apps, at least at home. There are relationships waiting for your real chatting, at home too.

Quit your addiction to laptops, at least at home. You know why!

To be continued.


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