Good News!

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The last prison shuts down

Zone V: It was declared at the World Justice Conference held at Zone VII on Saturday that the last prison of the world, located at Zone V – Northeast will be scheduled for permanent closure from 15th of October due to the absence of crime across the world. The Zone V prison-in-charge, Perumal Hussain, stated with relief and joy that the only existing prison in the world has not recorded a crime since six months. “The prison rooms have remained empty for the last six months. So we sent a report to the World Justice Office. We are glad about the decision taken at the conference yesterday,” said Mr.Hussain. The World Justice members look at this phenomenal moment as a promise towards a crime free future for all of us. The shutting down process is expected to be completed by 30th October.


Page 2 – Zone VII News
Results of Green Scale in Zone VII announced

Zone VII: The World Green Scale conducted its 30 day analysis in Zone VII in the month of September. According to the analysis, Zone VII houses 120 million trees, out of which 100 million trees were found equally distributed in the Northeast, Northwest and Southeast sub zones whereas Southwest was found to have only 20 million trees. Though Zone VII has passed the overall cut-off of 100 million trees (per zone), set by the World Green Scale, the Zone VII assembly was strongly advised to concentrate on the green scale of the deficient southwest sub zone. Following the results, 500 volunteers from the successful three sub zones have come forward to plant saplings in the southwest sub zone, starting Monday.


Page 3 – World News
Zonal Pyramids likely to increase in number

Zone IV: Zonal pyramids established across the world, that serve as meditation centres, are seeing increasing number of people who pour in mostly during office breaks and after-office hours. In order to manage the rise in the spiritual population, the World Infrastructure Assembly is conducting talks with the World Resource Assembly about the construction of additional zonal pyramids across the globe.


Page 4 – Science
One-shot vaccine for children

Zone XII: The World Health Assembly has successfully completed its three year research on preventive health for children. Scientists at University of Zone XII have come up with an one-shot vaccine that can provide effective immunization against all the previously known diseases including life-threatening ailments like cancer and AIDS. This vaccine can be administered to new borns between 2 to 5 months. The proposed date of release of the new vaccine is yet to be declared by the World Health Assembly.


Page 5 – Technology
‘Lekha City’ is in its final phase

Zone V: According to the World Space Assembly’s report on the ‘Martian Move’ project, the construction of the pilot city on Mars is expected to get completed by the end of December. This city will be called ‘Lekha City’ after Scientist Dr.Lekha Menon, who was the pioneer of the ‘Martian Move’ project that began in 2000 A.D.


Page 6 – Business
W sheds yet another denomination

Zone II: Ever since the World Trade Assembly took the world resources under control, the value of the new and the only existing currency of the world, W, has been losing its value. It is primarily because of WTA’s policy of equal sharing of all available resources of the world, irrespective of the geographical origin of the resources. This policy brought an end to the exchange of goods across Zones for higher profits. As a result, W accumulation beyond one’s needs began to get limited and hence led to the sharp depreciation of W, following which WTA has proposed to remove the denomination of 100 W. The final decision will be declared at the World Trade Conference that will be held in the month of November at Zone IV, World Trade Office.


Page 7 – Travel
Passport museum reopened

Zone I: The passport museum located at Zone I, Northwest Sub zone, was reopened on Saturday for public view. The prestigious museum holds more than a thousand passports, a small booklet that was required, centuries ago, to travel between countries of the ancient territory system. Over the centuries, the political country borders were wiped off and the present Zonal system of partitioning the world regions in to 16 Zones, for the sake of systematic organization, came into existence. The Zonal system was set free of political borders that gave us freedom of travel without the requirement of the old passports and visas. The World Ancient Assembly began a collection of ancient passports, ten years ago, with the intention of setting up a passport museum which will exhibit the ancient stamps and seals of the then countries.

WAA was successful in establishing the museum with the initial collection of 121 passports. Gradually, over the years, the numbers have increased. The latest addition was made last week, due to which the museum has remained closed for public view. WAA informed that the present number of ancient passports have reached around 1500. “We have been able to procure 658 ancient passports in the last year, making a total of 1506 now. A major lot came from Zones VII and VIII who came forward to donate their ancestral treasures to the museum,” said Ms. Alvilda Chang, the museum person-in-charge.


This is what I pray every night to God to show me the next morning though I know He cannot grant my wish at least till I am alive. I request all of you reading this post to imagine; to envisage; to dream what you are read here so that even if one of our dreams come true, it will be everybody’s too!

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4 thoughts on “Good News!

  1. Brilliant…just waiting for the day..when we get to read all this in Newspapers. Till day- we satisfy ourselves with your articles…
    Each newspost- brought more relief than the previous one… Too good.

    A Perfect Wow Post!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Viyoma. Quit waiting. We wouldn’t read these in the newspapers, at least till we are alive. Pessimistic in my optimism 😦 That’s the sad truth! But yeah, let’s not stop dreaming for a beautiful world. Collective thoughts can do magic.

      And thanks for your time here. Please do visit often. Vyo’s world has a neat layout and am heading to read your posts.


    • I am surprised to read such a comment from a sustainable enthusiast 🙂 I cannot look at crime and poverty as a way to avert boredom. My blood boils when I read about rape cases and my heart sinks when innocent people and children are killed. Perhaps handling problems at a personal level like family issues or psychological problems can be taken lighter because it’s subjective but as a responsible citizen of this world, we must seriously intent for a safe living for all of us.


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