Marriage, Love & Hearts!

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It’s a beautiful coincidence that we got married on the World Heart Day. While the world celebrates healthy hearts on 29th September, we, in addition, celebrate our bonding, every year. It reminds us that it’s important to keep our hearts healthy as much as it is to keep the ‘love’ between us alive.

It’s great that the significance of a healthy lifestyle for a healthy heart is being stressed often through social media and health campaigns. Work-outs and diets form the major fitness regimes. But there can be much more that couples can do together to keep their hearts (and love) fit! Here are a few interesting ones that I recommend:

Practice a breathing exercise together: Have you ever experienced the joy in synchronous breathing? If you haven’t, you should! Breath holds a unique cord that can bind two people, though ironically it is never given a notice. As a matter of fact, during physical intimacy, breath expresses the innermost passions and often gets synchronous between a couple.

Learn together a breathing technique like Pranayama and make it a regular practice. You will soon find a new language being communicated between the two of you. Also, breathing exercises are known to clear blockages in the arteries which is an important step in keeping your hearts healthy.

Swim together: Swimming is often an overlooked activity, especially by couples. During most of my visits to the pools, I’ve often observed men rejoicing their swimming times with their male acquaintances while women are hardly to be seen or if they do come, it’s for encouraging their kids or guarding possessions.

To be in connection with water is bliss and being blissful with your beloved is ecstasy. Swimming is both an interesting and healthy activity for couples to engage in. Swimming has been found to train the body to use oxygen efficiently. In fact, a report from Harvard Medical School suggests that swimming is slightly a way better for the heart than walking and running.

Play together: I am not joking! Many of us forget playing after college years. Work and family safely evade us from the play grounds that even once-upon-a-time athletes and sports champions fall a prey to sedentary lifestyles.

But imagine the two of you playing together! Be it a frisbee on the beach or badminton in the court or even hide-and-seek inside the house (seriously, not kidding. It’s great fun). It  not only rejuvenates the little children in you but also works favourably for your hearts.

Participate in Marathons: It’s a trend for groups of colleagues or school friends or college mates to run for marathons conducted in major cities. But I doubt how many couples generally take part in such activities. Apart from heart health, marathons let couples to spend time during the preparation work-outs, spend a socially active day and sometimes help them make meaningful efforts towards social causes.

I am a strong believer of psycho-emotional reasoning behind every physical ailment. Be it as minor as a headache or as complicated as cancer, every disorder relates to something that’s not right at the psychological level. And anything that the heart suffers from, is because of something that’s not going good in the matters of love; not necessarily of romantic relationships but just about any form of love including self-love. Here’s how couples can help each other to balance deficiencies in love:

Pledge together for Forgiveness: Sometime it so happens, that we tend to hate or even worse carry vengeance against someone in life. Of course, it directly or indirectly could affect the well-being of our hearts as love gets strained with that one person. However, during such times, as a spouse, if one takes the responsibility to bring down the emotional distress of the partner with love and care, a lot can be set right. To put simply, love cures hatred. I ask couples reading this to take a pledge along with your spouse that at any given moment of life, you will inspire each other to choose forgiveness over grudge. This pledge can take care of the well-being of not only two hearts but several hearts in the world.

Encourage each other towards Self-love: Be it a guilt of the past or fear of the future or whatever that denies acknowledgement and love from within one’s self; if you have identified this denial in your spouse, help him/her to get out of the confinement. Speak to them of their worth, highlight their potentials or simply convince them about its benefits towards heart health. Take the responsibility to relieve each other of heartaches. There’s nothing better a couple can do to win healthy hearts!

A recent campaign by Saffolalife is educating couples to stay aware of well-being of each other’s hearts, specifically of women heart health. A few of the health facts that this campaign has put forth are:

  1. Among the 8.6 million women deaths reported of cardio vascular diseases in the world, 34% are from India.
  2. Women are found to be less proactive about getting diagnosed and treated for heart diseases, when compared to men.
  3. Women ignore symptoms of heart diseases.
  4. Though chest pain is the most common symptom of heart attack, women are more likely to experience nausea, indigestion and shoulder aches before or at the time of an attack.
  5. Whether running between home and work or shouldering heavy household responsibilities, both working and non-working women are likely to face stress and lack self-care, which can lead to heart diseases.
  6. A statistical analysis of unhealthy food habits among Indian women in different Indian cities, has shown the following to be high risk-causing factors of cardio vascular diseases in Indian women:
  • Having preserved food thrice a week
  • Having late dinners
  • Consume sweetened beverages once a week
  • Consume fried food twice a week

The campaign includes three heart-health inspirations:

  • A weight Heart test on their website calculates BMI and advises on heart health. I took the test and fortunately my BMI is within the acceptable range.
  • Underlines the importance of a 30-minute walk together everyday, for couples, towards healthy heart. Insists couples to take a pledge for the same. A systematic walk plan is also included.
  • Outlines an optimum diet plan.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda.”

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8 thoughts on “Marriage, Love & Hearts!

  1. Nandhini – this post is informative and well done. On the activities – I agree that activities like this together are for fun and fitness. VT and I walk a lot together and sometimes we go cycling. Swimming is on our list of things to learn 🙂 Enjoyed your post!

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  2. Pretty inspiring post. I like the idea of breathing and playing together. Playing can actually re-ignite the love also, especially in working couples, who otherwise get less time to be together – and it has other benefits too, if you know what i mean!

    Liked by 1 person

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