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I mean, the better side!

There have been days when I had to make a strained effort to sit in front of it to follow a show. And I would fail nine out of ten times. For some reason, television has failed to conquer my love or perhaps, I’ve failed to understand its potential. I certainly cannot blame this media because my interest quotient in sports, movies and saas bahu shows is almost negligible. However, I cannot deny that television definitely has something for everybody – even for eccentrics like me.

During our growing-up years, my sister and I were fascinated about ‘Extraordinary’ and ‘X-Files’ shows on Star TV. I remember how eagerly we waited for Tuesdays and Thursdays then. ‘Extraordinary’ was mostly about aliens and paranormal stuff. The creepy factor of the show thrilled us and we would continue discussing about it until it was time for the next show, next week. X-Files was a fantastic science mystery series and we would arrive in time to see our fantasy characters flashing ‘David Duchovny as Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully‘ and watch with keen concentration until the tag line ‘The Truth is out There‘ would end it. The discussion that would follow was one of the most engaging moments of the family.

I am surprised that time and age couldn’t change our interest in the paranormal. One TV show that we discuss about every week is the ‘Ancient Aliens’ that’s aired by History Channel at 11 pm, Monday to Friday. Unlike ‘Extraordinary’ that talked about UFOs abducting people on Earth for no reason, ‘Ancient Aliens’ is a sensible show that discusses in detail who aliens are. According to ‘Ancient Aliens’, aliens are intelligent beings who began to visit Earth a few thousand years before, for uplifting the lives of humans on Earth. The show discusses the possibility of several religious or spiritual masters like Lord Krishna being aliens from other spaces and that structures like pyramids with exceptional dimensions were in fact the work of aliens. What convinces in the show are the extraordinary scientific evidences that are presented to support their hypotheses. This show gives a whole new kind of insight into human existence.

Ancient AliensIf you are tired of watching movies and songs in TV and looking for some food for your brain and soul, you should try this programme once. It’s sure to engage your being in a beautiful way. Please do mark it – Ancient Aliens in History Channel!

But of course, it might sound cruel on my part to recommend a show that’s telecasted in the middle of the night. Not to worry, aliens have secretly created a first-of-its-kind technology through Tata Sky 😆 Not joking, Tata Sky, the popular satellite television provider has launched a new ‘Tata Sky+ Transfer Set-top box‘ which can make our strangest television fantasies come true. Here’s a quick look into its features:

Tata sky+ transfer set top box

  • Record: Imagine how pathetic it is to be awake till 12 midnight to watch the only show I like on TV! Most often, I doze off during the first ad and wake up towards the end of the show 😥 Logically, the only way to watch this show without compromising my sleep is to record it and that’s the first thumps-up feature of the new Tata Sky+ Transfer by which shows on approximately 80 TV channels can be recorded. Thus, now I have my most favourite show safely stored.
  • Transfer: Well, do you think it’s going to be easy for me to watch the recorded show? Definitely not! ‘Ancient Aliens’ talks about a lot of new concepts and theories which certainly requires keen attention. It’s only when the little one goes to sleep, I can do this holy job. Ironically, that’s when H returns home from office. That means he becomes the conqueror of the TV remote! How I wish I can magically transfer the recorded show onto my tab, plugin my earphones and spend an hour for myself?! Believe me, Tata Sky+ Transfer does such magic! Android and Apple mobile and tablet users can now download the Tata Sky+ Transfer app. By connecting to the new set-top box through Wi-Fi, the recorded content can be transferred to a mobile or tablet. I am most comfortable using a tab because the bigger screen size isn’t straining to the eyes and it’s perfectly handy. And watching the most favourite show in the most comfortable device is simply blissful!
  • Watch anytime anywhere: I am a frequent traveller. And I can’t have a better travel companion than ‘Ancient Aliens’. The best feature of Tata Sky+ Transfer is that the transferred content doesn’t require an internet connection to be watched. Now I don’t have to look through the window to while away my travel time. Neither do I need a TV or internet to engage with a wonderful show.
  • Stream: It takes a certain time for the transferring of the recorded content. However, sometimes when I have time to watch a recorded show but I haven’t transferred it yet to my tab, I can still watch it through the ‘streaming’ feature. That is, without transferring, the show is instantly streamed from the set-top box over a Wi-Fi connection.

Tata sky + transfer set top box

  • Side loading function: H values every MB of our Wi-Fi connection. It annoys him when the data pack is consumed before the validity period. Imagine if I will have to use the internet to stream the entire one hour of the ‘Ancient Aliens’ show everyday! H would end up secretly saving a Wi-Fi password 😆 However, with Tata Sky+ Transfer, I can watch the recorded episodes without consuming internet data bandwidth.
  • Storage capacity of 500 GB: ‘Ancient Aliens’ is not a soap opera kind of show where just the story matters. Sometimes, weeks after watching a particular episode, I recollect something from it and would want to watch it again. Many a times, I’ve searched you tube for a particular episode aimlessly without having the details of the episode date and I know how frustrating it is. Tata Sky+ Transfer set-top box comes with a 500 GB storage capacity that can accommodate 625 hours of recording. Well, I can certainly have in store an entire season of ‘Ancient Aliens’ show which is amazing 😀
  • Pause-Forward-Rewind Live TV: My phone and the door bell live a life in solitude until I sit to watch TV. That’s when long-time friends remember me; whatsapp group gets active; the neighbour aunty wants to meet me and the courier guy finds the route to my house 😦 How can I keep a track of the aliens in between attending these intruders?! Tata Sky+ Transfer promises that I can! The set-top box features pause, forward and rewind options helping me to watch the show at my own pace.
  • Set reminder: I can be awarded a PhD for absent-mindedness. Such is my short term memory. Sometimes, I would remember until 10.30 pm that the episode will begin in half an hour’s time, but yet would absent-mindedly miss the show. So I wouldn’t be surprised if I miss to record the show, half the week. Thanks to Tata Sky+ Transfer’s ‘reminder’ option; I can safely put my memory to rest in peace.
  • Remote command: When I am away from home, I don’t keep a track of the show and most often the intermittent episodes get missed without being recorded. However, an amusing feature of Tata Sky+ Transfer is to give a record command through the mobile or tab device which will be executed by the set-top box at home. Brilliant, isn’t it?
  • High recording & viewing quality: Of course, because I opt to watch the recorded show, I cannot compromise the video and audio quality. Neither does Tata Sky+ Transfer. It renders its subscribers a high definition (HD) recording with 16:9 wide aspect ratio along with Dolby digital sound quality and 1080i resolution.

Additional Features specified on the Tata Sky+ Transfer App:

  • 3D Ready: Tata Sky+ Transfer set-top box is 3D ready. So when 3D content is available, one can experience a complete 3D delivery in a 3D TV.
  • Series link: All episodes of a particular TV show can be recorded using this feature.

Well, at last there is a solution to my TV watching phobia 😆 Specifically, the untimely broadcast of ‘Ancient Aliens’ is no more a problem. You know what I will do, don’t you? Yeah! Record, transfer and simply sit back and watch.

Watch this video to know more about Tata Sky+ Transfer.

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