Airtel 4G is here!

When 3G came into existence, it felt like it was the ultimate of technology. However it didn’t take much time to realize that we are still behind technology with respect to the internet speed. For the first time in India, Airtel has introduced 4G network across the country, in 296 cities. This gives us hope for yet another ‘ultimate’ feeling of technology. What surprised me about their 4G launch was that, contrary to my assumption of the availability of 4G services for high prices and complicated procedure, Airtel has come up with extraordinary benefits for its customers. An Airtel user can avail 4G service at the same price of 3G and one can either send a request at their website or simply send a tweet to their official handle in order to get a free 4G SIM delivered to their door. All that one needs is a 4G handset. Definitely, technology cannot be made more simple than this.

My emails, blogs and websites that I browse open in no time. I am not a movie buff, so there are no downloading issues. My video surfing is very limited to my son’s rhymes and alphabet learning. Wonder for what else I should crave a high-speed internet? There’s one and only one reason I am extremely happy about getting a 4G connection – uploading photos!

Photography has become a part of everybody’s life. Photography is no more a traditional skill limited to intellectuals and artists and to a camera. High-end smart phones and tabs are easier to click ‘that one moment’ kind of pictures than cameras. And with a toddler at home, one can imagine how much a stay-at-home mom would love clicking.

However, the after math required to preserve these pictures is annoying. In the first place, I dislike the process of transferring photos from my camera, though I admit it isn’t complicated at all. Next, I dislike draining my laptop’s memory. Taking a print of all of it would be a joke. I don’t rely hard drives; electronics have their own glitches. So the only option I have, in order to make a life-time storage of photographs is to make an online album. I like shutterfly and winkflash for photo storage, but the sight of the small circles rounding and rounding forever with the ‘Loading’ message, drains all my patience off. Especially, when it gets stuck when it’s at ‘99% loading’ stage. Sometimes, I would have to let the process go overnight allowing my laptop to get heated badly while I get stressed about the whole thing.

With two years’ of photos pending to be uploaded, Airtel has brought super fast 4G connectivity like a boon for me. I hope I wouldn’t have to go through the stressful photo preservation anymore. Sorting out folders and files from the system eventually would clear the clutters off our minds, isn’t it?


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