2 Small Actions that make a BIG difference!

Catharine Jawahar

Catharine Jawahar is raising funds for Mental health research. I am sure all of you might have been touched by a story of a friend or relative suffering from depression or the likes at one point of their life. At the age of science where a blood test can diagnose your disease, diagnosis of mental illnesses is yet to catch-up! Research can find solutions, so please donate!

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About Catharine Jawahar

I am a researcher trying to understand how chronic stress gets under our skin and into our brain and disrupts normal function and therefore our mental health. Increased ways of diagnosing mental disorders would help identify patients earlier than at present and help them before its too late. Mental health research can help improve this, so please donate!

About The Society for Mental Health Research

The Society for Mental Health Research aims to prevent mental illness by supporting mental health research, and researchers; facilitating collaboration between different disciplines of mental health research; raising awareness of mental health issues and supporting the inclusion of mental health issues in the development of health policies, funding and services.


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