My magical love affair!

Did you think it’s about my magical love affair? It is certainly not! But well, sort of 🙄

I recently happened to read this blog My magical love affair with the orange beauty posted by hollow bamboo in his blog Alas….Bloggin. Well, an interesting and impressive writing and hence gets re-posted here.

From time immemorial poets and romantic freaks have described women in comparison with flowers, moon, colours, sun, sky, rain, butterflies, breeze and all the beautiful things that man can admire. However, here is a guy who has compared and described a thing of his fondness with women. In the sense, his main subject of interest is the thing of his fondness and the object that is compared with is woman, making women secondary. Nevertheless he has made total justice to women by his passionate expressions towards the thing of his fondness.

What could be that thing of his fondness?

Clue: A screen shot of the blog post!

I know it’s a silly clue. Yeah, a basket ball lover describes his dribbling and pocketing experiences with his love ball  as his magical love affair with this orange beauty. Don’t miss to check the full post at:

Now, what could be that ‘sort of’ ? 🙄


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