Jujubee, a Play for Children, by Adisakti Theatre Arts

I have never witnessed a live performance with this full of life before. The performance was a mix of story-telling, masks and puppet shows, dance performances with live background music throughout the play. The energy and enthusiasm of the artists were remarkable. There was never a time during the show when they paused or took a break. It was all flowing through them – that’s what I felt.

Blog Review: 2016

Beginning with this first post of 2017, I hope to write content that are much more evolved than what I’ve been writing through the years. This has been and shall be the primary focus of my writing. As discussed in the ‘Who is Writing’ page, the gradual evolution of my thought processes over the years is what, I feel, this blog reflects the most for me. That makes Pages from Serendipity, one of my integral energy resources! I extend my thanks to everyone around me who keep supplying a little of good energy into this brainchild of mine!

christmas decors

DIY Christmas Decor

It’s the season of celebrations again! Simple-to-make paper decors can enliven our living spaces to create that perfect festive mood. Here’s a step-by-step guide to make a pretty, hanging, home decor. It is one of my most-cherished DIY decors I’ve made ever. I adore the 3D effect of it and it’s sure to decorate any place in a beautiful way.