My Little Architect

building blocks toy sets

Children are amazing! So are their little brains. There’s nothing to limit their creativity – a camera can become a building, a Spiderman web can become a staircase and organisms can change their species. As parents, it isn’t enough to smile at their creations and say ‘Good job’. We need to get into their world; ask and explore the stories behind their creations – to make ourselves believe in the possibilities of the illogical, out-of-rules and beyond-human-thinking existences.

That’s what My Little Architect teaches me day after day!

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Taking Children to the Mountains

Mountains scare me! Be it driving through the curved paths or climbing through the woods, I always hold my breathe until the ordeal is over. As a child, once our family had been to a trip to Mysore. As we started climbing the ghat roads, I remember praying to God at every hair-pin bend, to…

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My deja vu Moments – Captured and Painted!

Everytime while I hold my paint brush, there’s a voice in me that whispers “Before you die, make everything to be captured on the canvas – What you see, what you hear, what  you smell, taste, feel, think – just everything!” Though a fanciful conception, there were actually many moments in my life that have been manifested on my canvases, at least those…

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