A for Attachment – That 'something' I wasn't prepared for!

Perhaps, this is the most intense of all the emotions I’ve experienced as a mother – Attachment! Sometimes, when I yearn for a a few hours of off from looking after them and when it does happen, I yearn to be back with them in no time. Sometimes, when I breathe a sigh of relief after they are asleep, having waited for it for several hours, all that I like to do is watch them sleep. There’s an emptiness in their absence – even while they sleep!

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Handmade Cardboard Play House for Kids

diy play house

Those very many happy days he had played in this play house were what mattered after all! His most interesting play times were around opening and closing the door, peeping out of the windows, the kitchen compartments and the backyard cafe pretend play. If you have little kids around, don’t let them miss the opportunity to play around a small house like this. Such small things shall carry a greater part of their childhood memories.

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20 Brilliant Questions My 3 Year old Asked Me

Thinking baby

With children around, we learn, think and learn how to think more than what we did in school. They possess the best of world’s brains! My son is nearing four. The number of questions he has bombarded on us in the last year has become countless. I am sure I might have missed to save several of them in my memory’s folder. Of what has remained, here are twenty of his questions that stand out in me.

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Colgate Magical Stories #3 – Magical Space Adventure

colgate-magical-castle story

For the 3rd consecutive year, we are happy and excited about the Colgate Magical Stories characters that come along with the Colgate packs.

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Maisto Tow Truck (Quarry Monsters) – Unboxing, Demo & Review

maisto toy tow truck

The Maisto Builder Zone Quarry Monsters is a series of heavy vehicle toys designed for children of ages 3 and above. Tow truck in this toy series is a miniature version of a real tow truck. It is a 1:18 scaled replica, made of die-cast metal body with plastic features. It has movable parts which makes it a good functional toy for kids.Children can learn to wind a thread around an axle, the usage of hooks and overall towing mechanism. Also this toy inculcates the intention of rescue and survival skills in children.

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How to soothe a colic baby?

colic baby with mom

You are here probably because you are desperately looking out a way to soothe your colic baby. If you are at the verge of breaking out loud “Somebody tell me, how do I make my baby stop crying!” let me tell you three proven methods, at least one of which have always worked with my colicky girl.

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Jujubee, a Play for Children, by Adisakti Theatre Arts

I have never witnessed a live performance with this full of life before. The performance was a mix of story-telling, masks and puppet shows, dance performances with live background music throughout the play. The energy and enthusiasm of the artists were remarkable. There was never a time during the show when they paused or took a break. It was all flowing through them – that’s what I felt.

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Open-air Gym at Bangalore

open air gym

“What a fascinating idea!” was what I thought when for the first time I saw an open-air gym in Bangalore. The fact that it was only two buildings away from my home was even more delightful. However, after almost a year of its construction, I am disappointed now to have seen it deserted all the while.

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Magic of Warmth from a Doting Son

“Sorry ma,” he said, with an apprehension of whether his sorry would get accepted. In a moment’s time, I came back to my calm-self. Waiting for this signal from me, he jumped onto my lap and hugged me tight. “I will be a good boy,” his voice echoed into my ears. What magic in this warmth!

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Blog Review: 2016

Beginning with this first post of 2017, I hope to write content that are much more evolved than what I’ve been writing through the years. This has been and shall be the primary focus of my writing. As discussed in the ‘Who is Writing’ page, the gradual evolution of my thought processes over the years is what, I feel, this blog reflects the most for me. That makes Pages from Serendipity, one of my integral energy resources! I extend my thanks to everyone around me who keep supplying a little of good energy into this brainchild of mine!

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