A Brelfie Saga


What image does breastfeeding bring to your mind? If someone would have asked me this question before I became a mother, it must have brought that ‘shh…shh…’ feeling in me. Isn’t it how many of us react to breastfeeding? Like menstruation and sex, breastfeeding is certainly another secrecy to hide, is it not? My pregnancy…

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Q for Qualm – The Disquietude at 50

life at 50

When I look back at the Mr. & Mrs. Series, I find that the relationship between the husband and the wife remained awake until somewhere near the late 30s. Post that, it was more about life’s influence on the relationship rather than the relationship itself. Kids, finance, career, health – they’ve had enough come between…

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P for Parting – The Woes of an Empty Nest


The A to Z Challenge officially closed in April and I am still hanging around in mid May at only half the series. No regrets, may the challenge rest in peace. And may I continue the series on relationships until the Mr. & Mrs. of my series find solace in Z one day! I still…

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O for Old, yet not too Old – The want of a Companionship!

middle age couple

Around 40 – 45, you might be busy with your career, sorting out your financial goals and planning about retirement solutions. Your growing up teenagers, on one hand, may leave you with a void of having grown-up in a wink’s time and on the other hand, fill you with a budding friendship of an adolescent.…

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N for Nesting – Coming to terms…..at 40!

Where does the relationship with your spouse stand now? In the AtoZ series on relationships, we are nearing or already at our 40s; perhaps married for over a decade now and most possibly living with one or more children. You might have settled in a career. Some might be owning a house. Some might have…

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Know PTE!

PTE Academic english test

Many of us would have had that dream, to pursue a higher education in a university abroad. It goes without saying the complexities involved in the preparatory process towards this goal. To begin with, we may research Google the king to collect information about the courses we wish to get enrolled in and their requisites.…

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M for Midlife Reflections – Is He/She the Right Partner for You?

midlife crisis

Last week one day, H woke up thoughtful. He had met his ex-crush in his dream! That brought him to the kitchen in the early hours narrating with a new enthusiasm about his dream. And the discussion led us asking ourselves how it would be if life gave us a second chance; if we could…

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L for Lost – The Lost Art of Making Love

sex after kids

With everyday routines, with marital demands and with parenting schedules, it’s difficult to keep alive making love in your life as a couple now. The coming of a baby between you two, in literal sense, can not only alter your psychological affairs but also your intimate stories. Women especially get into a deeper bonding with…

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K for Kids – No longer the Husband & the Wife!

Because you become the father and the mother! It is one of the big decisions in a married life about when the couple wants to have a baby. If there’s a disagreement between them or if there’s a fertility issue in the process, it can take a toll on them emotionally. And after all the…

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J for Joust – The First Fight!

In the first few days after marriage when everything still feels so lovey-dovey, you are certain that you both will make a loving couple forever. You don’t quite understand why those friends of you, make fun of how marriage is kind of getting caught into something terrible. You don’t foresee anything terrible in your marriage.…

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